11 & 18

This article is about two numbers, 11 and 18. What is special about these numbers?

It was the so-called "Magic Basket" crop circle (Bishop's Cannings, Wiltshire, England, 6th Aug, 1999) that inspired me to look into the meaning of these numbers. The geometry of this formation produced the ratio of 11 to 18. Later I also found out the same in the "Roundway Crown" formation, which apparently was the "twin" of the Basket, found one week earlier in Roundway Hill, near Devizes. Since I already recognized these as "my" numbers, this was a signal to me to take a closer look. By no means am I trying to imply that either of these formations was anyhow created for me - for different people these two crop circles certainly have various other functions!


If you already understand the basic system how numerology deals with numbers and letters, you can skip this chapter.

In numerology, each number is usually reduced to a single digit, following a simple procedure. Each digit is just added together until a single digit number is achieved. For example, a random number like 462091 would be processed in the following steps:

4+6+2+0+9+1 = 22
2+2 = 4

Hence the numerological value of 462091 is 4. Also words can be treated in a similar way, only each letter must first be converted into a number. The numbers corresponding each letter are based on the alphabet in the most simple manner: A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 etc. The value of letter M, for example, can be taken as 13 (it is the 13th alphabet), but it also reduces into 4. Numerologically, there is not much difference.

So, the numerological value of the word EXAMPLE would be counted using the following procedure:

E=5, X=6, A=1, M=4, P=7, L=3, E=5
5+6+1+4+7+3+5 = 31
3+1 = 4

So, again we get 4 (it's funny that so far all the examples have reduces to 4, though I've just picked the examples randomly).

However, it is not quite this straight forward. There are a few exceptions to this system in numerology, namely the numbers 11, 22 and 33, which often are not reduced to their single digit values 2, 4 and 6 (some numerologists even continue this with 44, 55, 66 etc.). This is because the number 11 is considered to be a "master number", a symbol of higher knowledge or wisdom. 22 and 33 are multiples of 11. In the alphabet, K is the 11th letter and V the 22nd. There is no 33rd letter, of course.

The personal numerological values for each individual can be retrieved from the birth date and from the name. Each number of the date is counted, each letter of the name is counted. In the date, you can also look at the three different numbers coming from the date (day and month) and the year and the total number, which is the most important. Similarly, in the name, you can look at the sum of vowels and consonants separately. It is recommended to use the name you use in your everyday life (for example, if you have a second name you never use, you exclude that).


I was born 9th November, 1966. The number from the day and month is 11 (9+1+1) and from the year I get 22 (1+9+6+6). These sum up to 33. So, all the three "master numbers" are included. My name is Veli Martin, which likewise produces the number 11. The vowels of my name also sum up to 11, while the consonants give 9. My last name begins with K, the 11th letter (additionally, my official first name is Veli and V is the 22nd letter - however, I never use this name).

So my personal number is very strongly 11. Numerology tells us that a person with the master number has come to this life with a very specific mission or task. But if this feels too much of a burden, the number can be reduced to its single digit value (in my case, 6 from the birth date and 2 from the name).

So, how about the number 18? In the summer of 1981 I had a strange, paranormal experience. I was woken up in the darkness of the night by an extremely loud voice inside my head, saying just one word: "eighteen"! This startled me very much. I looked around and noticed there was nobody in the room who could have said this.

At this time, I was only 14 years old. I had absolutely no idea, what this kind of thing could mean. The experience felt very real, yet there was nobody real who could have outspoken this number to me. The only idea I had about the possible meaning of the number, was that perhaps something important would happen on my 18th birthday, or during the following year. This seemed very distant, however, so I decided to forget the whole thing.

On my 18th birthday (9th Nov, 1984; 9+1+1+1+9+8+4 = 33 again!) I woke up with an intense pain deep inside my right ear. During the day, this became so tormenting that I couldn't do anything but roll around in my bed in agony. Obviously I had to do something, so I decided to call for an ambulance (I was not able to stand up or walk, so strong was the pain). Just as I was about to dial the number, the pain stopped, quite suddenly. I was completely all right again! I never knew what was wrong with me, at that time I didn't even remember my strange experience four years earlier.

18 years after the original experience, in 1999 (note also that 81 is 18 reversed!), things started happening. It was then that I found the Magic Basket crop circle and the numbers 11 and 18 "encoded" in it. This made me really interested in numerology. This was also the year when I had my 33rd birthday and 33 was the numerological value of my birth date - and my 18th birthday!

November 5, 1999, just 4 days before this 33rd birthday, I had a powerful dream. This dream "spoke to me" with numbers, because almost all the persons, objects and themes in the dream had the numerological value of either 1 or 11. After discussing this dream with several people, it became clear to me it was also pointing to the summer of 1981, when I was first "initiated" to the number 18. When I was telling about this dream to some people, I was also telling about the pain in my ear on my 18th birthday. A comment from one of the people lead to some other things, which revealed to me what that pain had been about. The mystery was beginning to unfold...


Lets look at the numbers 11 and 18 and their relationship with each other. The numerological alternative values for these two numbers are 2 (1+1) and 9 (1+8). Let's make a note of this...

11 = 1+1 = 2
18 = 1+8 = 9

11+18 = 29 (note 2 and 9!)

2+9 = 11
2x9 = 18 (so the sum of 11 and 18 also produces 11 and 18!)

(Note that in the Magic Basket the total number of circles was 4x7+1 = 29!)

You might think this is something that happens with all numbers, but it is not so. Let's take two random numbers, like 13 and 25:

13 = 1+3 = 4
25 = 2+5 = 9

13+25 = 38

3+8 = 11
3x8 = 24

As you can see, there is no symmetry!

However, there is another pair of numbers that behaves somewhat similarly, 18 and 81:

18 = 1+8 = 9
81 = 8+1 = 9

18+81 = 99

9+9 = 18
9x9 = 81

Yet here the symmetry is more obvious and less "enchanting", because 18 and 81 are numerologically actually just one number; 9. Anyway, even this does not occur with other reversed numbers:

25 = 2+5 = 7
52 = 5+2 = 7

25+52 = 77 (so far so good)

7+7 = 14
7x7 = 49 (not anymore)

This is again interesting to me personally, because of the years '81 and '99 separated by 18 years!

So far we've done addition and multiplying. How about some division:

2 / 9 = 0,22222... but also
2 / 9 = 18 / 81 ! (because 2x9 = 18 and 9x9 = 81)

This calculation produces a link from the 11-18-29 "family" to the 18-81-99 family!


I'm just beginning to understand the esoteric meanings of these numbers. But I'll list here something I've learned so far.

11, 22, 33

Master numbers, numbers of receiving and using higher level information, in three steps. 33 also the number of Sun.


The number of Isis (numerologically 2 or 11), the pentagram, "life" number in the Kabbalah, sum of the digits in the "magical number" 666 (which turned into letters produces the word "fox")


The number of completion (as the sum of 5 and 4, the feminine and the masculine or the Yin and the Yang), love and harmony.

I'll certainly learn more about these things in the near future...


I've had many interesting experiences with these two numbers. One of the most magical occurred in the summer of 2000, in England. During this visit I stayed in England for 18 days (well, actually 18 and a half) and went inside 18 crop circles. Neither of these was consciously planned.

One of the most interesting themes that came up during my stay was the Fox, both as an animal and a symbol. The numerological values of these three letters are 6, 6 and 6, adding up to 18 (or 9)! One confirmation of the significance of this symbol was given to me when I was traveling to London to catch my plane to Stockholm the next day. Something in the stone hedge next to the railroad caught my attention and right after that I saw a young fox sitting on the hedge, facing my way. I've never seen a wild fox in nature before, not to mention next to a railroad, watching the train go by!

A couple of weeks earlier, In the night of August 8 (8/8/2000->8+8+2=18), I was discussing my findings of the Magic Basket crop circle together with some crop circle researchers outside the Barge Inn, in Honeystreet. It turned out that the others involved in this discussion also had some interesting experiences and things to tell about the number 18. There was a high sensation of synchronicity in the air...

The next day, I had to find a way to use the Internet, to find out about flights and to send some e-mail. The closest place to do this was the town of Devizes. I got there by hitch hiking and found a place where I could access the net.

I wrote an e-mail message to a very dear friend of mine in Finland. I started the message with a greeting and then the words "Devizes, Wiltshire, 9th Aug"... Then I also wanted to add the time. I looked at the clock on the low right-hand corner of the computer screen and typed it: 11.18. You might not be surprised that I continued this with "(!!!!!!!!!!!!!)"...

This alone was enough to thrill me breathless. But later I found out there was much more to it, to do with the numbers 11 and 18 or 2 and 9.

Since the previous date produces the number 18, there was no way this day could do the same. But in the date there were both the numbers 9 and 2 (resonating with 18 and 11). Perhaps this is a bit forced, but let's look at some other details: "Devizes" is 9, "Devizes, Wiltshire, England" (the exact location) = 9+6+3 = 18 = 9. The time 11.18 = 1+1+1+8 = 11. The title of the Message was "Martin Englannista" ("Martin from England" in Finnish), that is 3+8 = 11. The first word in the message, a greeting made of the name of my friend gave 11 as well.

The tone of my message, because of my current emotional state (having to do both with my enthusiasm with the crop circles and the feelings for this person), was very intense and very positive. In the message I mentioned I had visited 9 crop circles during just 2 days. I was also sending love in the message; "love" = 3+6+4+5 = 18 = 9 (the second most known word for love is "amor" = 1+4+6+9 = 20 = 2).

The number of my name is 11. The name of my friend is made of three parts; the first name and the last name which is in two parts. These give the numbers 9 + 3 + 6 = 18 = 9.

Later I found out this friend of mine had sent me a letter on the previous day (8/8/2000 = 18), the first letter I'd ever received from her (I hadn't known her very long yet). So I would say the combination of all these "coincidences" leaves me with some sense of meaning...


What does all this mean? Is it possibly that somehow something "out there" is communicating something to us using numbers? Is it possible that the numbers "given" to me in my birth and in one powerful paranormal experience were meant to guide me into a specific direction in my life?

A couple of years ago, I thought that numerology would be the last frontier for me. It seemed even less rational than astrology; how on earth could numbers have anything to do with people's lives? Now I don't think this way anymore. I believe these meaningful numbers are a special form of synchronicity. When an experience resonates with our mind and our heart, a resonance in numbers and dreams and symbols can be seen as further confirmation of importance.

And what is the importance of such experiences? I believe these synchronized moments are telling us the way to go in our lives, the way that takes us closer to the fulfilling of our individual purposes in this world. In and around the Crop Circles, this form of guidance seems to be present much more than elsewhere. Who ever is behind this guidance, who ever is behind the Circles and symbols, we can listen to these messages and act upon them. If they guide us towards higher understanding of life, we don't need to know where they come from. Eventually we will know.

Veli Martin, 2000