Synchronising the Mayan Long Count
with the Seven Seals of Revelation

Veli Martin Keitel, 2008-2012


I have some while ago corrected the time table discussed here.
I have concentrated in the work with my book, which is currently available only in Finnish.
I currently believe the 7 seals events cycle does not end in 2012 but in late 2004.

The 4th seal was opened in 1925, the 5th in 1985, the 6th in late 1999 and the final 7th in late 2003.

The moment of the pole shift was between 1998 and 1999, not in 2011.
In December 1998 there was a jerk in the Earth's rotation (more info here).
That was a potential moment for a major pole shift, which however did not occur.

In the Book of Revelation it is stated that before God allows the pole shift relate destruction to happen, he makes sure that no harm is done to people who follow the teachings of Christ.


I believe the pole shift was reduced to a minor jerk because collectively the mankind had already reached a state where a profound cataclysmic destruction was not necessary.

In the following pages I will explain how the timespan covered by the seven seals equals that of the Mayan Long Count calendar - from 3114 BC to 2012. Each of the seven seals periods is 4 times shorter than the previous one, which perfectly matches the evolutionary steps taken during each period, always related to the seven archetypes.

This information is not just from the Biblical Revelation, but also supported by the indispensable III Book of Revelation ( For anyone who doubts the authenticity of this text, I must stress that most of this information can be extracted from the Biblical text only and this is almost 2000 years old.

It is essential that the reader attemps to release any fixed associations with the Christian and Jewish terms widely used in the Revelation texts. I have personally gone through the process of dissimilating myself from the inquisition, the crusades, the various misleading Christian off-shoot sects etc. etc. Remember this:

The Revelation was received long before any of that stuff:
There was no Christian church
There was no inquisition, no crusades.
There were no miscellaneous sects or cults.

God was the creator and source of all that is.
Christ was the figure that stood for enlightenment for all humanity -
Like Horus, Mithra, Dionysus and others before him

And John (or whoever received the Revelation)
was the follower of this figure and the light and love associated with him.