Introduction to this interpretation

I'm working on a fresh non-religious interpretation of Revelation to John, the last book of the New Testament. It is mostly based on the reconstruction of the Jewish version (originally written in Greek) by Bernard D. Muller (, but I have compared it to the Christian "King James" and the "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures". I have found that these translations are very close to each other, with no essential differences in their content.

I first published this material in December 2005. Now that years have passed, I notice I have progressed in my interpretation and views so that the old web version is no longer valid. Furthermore, I've also focused on "The third book of the Revelation", which is a channelled material, supposedly the part of the original Revelation that was mostly left out of the Bible and its copies destroyed. This text is available at

What I decided to do, is that I left some bits to give you an idea of the whole thing. Here are some of the main points I'm trying to make:

  • John (whether he was the beloved disciple of Jesus or someone else) was taken into an altered state, where he was given information and visions about how creation would continue into the future... and how people would recognize the time of the greates turning point, the peek of creation. He was given a task to write down what was shown to him, in his own words.
  • He was shown some of the most important and visible events and phenomena of our time, such as: The 9-11 attack, the nuclear weaponry, the climate change, modern war-fair, worldwide electric media, the capitalist world domination and it's demise (with USA as a future extrusion of the Roman and Babylonian empires).
  • He was given spiritual and holistic information with the emphasis on the archetypical structure of our world and how we are about to move from an "earthly" dimension of 7 archetypes into a "heavenly" dimension of 12 archetypes. In effect, this means a shift from the 3rd dimension into the 4th. This is where our thoughts manifest into reality almost instantly.
  • He was told about the "Dragon", an archetypical counter-force of the Christ, working through two beasts; the capitalist world-government and the global media system through which it is controlling us and keeping us in a materialist state of greed, competition and exploitation (the "mark of the beast-666" standing for "www").
  • The remaining "woes" are: The fall of the capitalist system and a huge world-wide depression as a result AND the shift of the Earth's axis with dramatic influences for the entire planet (the first-mentioned will likely occur within the next few years, the other... hopefully we won't need that). NOTE: I wrote this in late 2007 and the depression DID occur and the capitalist system is in big trouble.
  • The goal of the global transformation (the unfolding of the divine plan) is the emergence of Christ consciousness and a Golden era that will follow when people enter this new phase of conscious evolution. It is up to people's own individual choice whether they will go through with this shift or go down with the old world.

I'm working on a book about all this. The book will be first written in my own language Finnish and hopefully translated into English soon after. In the book I will address many things not mentioned here, it will include themes such as:

  • What is Christ Consciousness
  • The end of the Mayan Calendar and its connection to the Revelation
  • Sacred geometry - how it helps to understand the symbology of the Revelation
    and how the Jewish Tree of Life matches with all this
  • How the Finnish, Norse, Egyptian and Greek creation stories fit in
  • The emerging new Scientific worldview




Forget all preconceptions you may have and try to follow the consistent logic of this interpretation. Sorry for any flaws in my English...