NEW STUDIES BY Veli Martin, 1998


Under the other mountain or "island" (it is very possible that the region around the "Face" used to be a sea or a lake) there is a strange formation that I will call "the bone" and below that a row of parallel lines, which I will call "the stitches". These stitches also appear at the base of the island.
All of the images presented on these pages are NEGATIVE (except the Viking pictures). This is because the "stitches" are more clear this way. Of course reversing the shades does not add or remove any details!
These two images show this region first as it appears in the NASA enhanced image and then in an image enhanced by myself from the original RAW image (I had to check nothing had been added or removed since the first picture). I've added some more contrast into the most interesting part.

Here is a close-up of this part. You can very clearly see there is a straight line composed of short black (originally white) stripes. There are about 20 of these stripes visible here. The fact that these stand out from the surrounding so clearly, even knowing that the light comes from a relatively high angle, means that either the depth of these things is rather markable (making strong shadows) or they actually ARE WHITE.
Before you continue to next page, try to see if you can find anything else that is strange in this picture....

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