NEW STUDIES BY Veli Martin, 1998


This is a conclusion that will be made based on the studies on these these pages.

The new and the old photo of the famous anomalous mountain. Is it really the same? Yes, it is. The animation shows the old face turning into the new one (which has been turned negative and reduced to the same low resolution).

A big disappointment? Yes, if you were convinced it was a gigantic sculpture of a humanoid face, which it doesn't seem to be "anymore", at least not so clearly. But, read further...


The raw image from the Mars Global Surveyor that came 6th April, 1998 was a band, very fuzzy and covered with disturbing stripes. It was hard to get a good image out of it with conventional image processing techniques. So the image on top of this page is one that has been enhanced by NASA (and some further contrast/sharpness adjustment by me).
However, I processed the raw image enough so that I could compare if it matches the Viking photo. The image above shows adequetly that it does. One curious thing is the light spot in the lower right angle of the stripe. There doesn't seem to have been anything there in 1976... perhaps it's a new meteor crater.

Also these two images point out that it is the same. And it is REALLY the same. Some people may say that the image has been manipulated, or even that the mount itself has been altered after the Viking images were taken. But look at tha matching details. The new picture has been made negative; this is just to inverse the apparent ligth direction (the original image was NOT negative: how would you explain the light in the low right corner - this spot should be shadowed by the mountain!)

Why are they not quite in the same places? Because the viewing angle is different. The picture on the right is viewed rather straight from above, slightly from the right as the arrow shows. The new view is clearly more from the left. You can see this from the highest point (or what could be estimated to be the highest point), that has moved both to the right and down. This is marked by the central circle of the three small ones. Also you see it from the vertical hillsides. In the old photo the right one appears a little wider. In the new one the left seems wider. This is apparently because of the viewing angle. I would suppose they are actually equally wide seen straight from top.

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