NEW STUDIES BY Veli Martin, 1998


Yeah, when you turn him upside down, you find out where he belongs (notice the eyes in the mouth)!

So, which one of these two faces actually looks more like a face? I'm not saying the "Mars Face" couldn't have been a face originally. It's possible it was and it was damaged by the erosion during the millenia it has been exposed to the weather. On the other hand it's possible that the "pimple" on the left cheek is the remains of the palace of a great Martian emperor. Can you prove it is not?

What we can say for sure is that this mountain is obviously much more symmetrical than any of the faces and figures on the previous pages. And this is why we should focus on that.

You know, on the night before making these pages I had a dream where a couple of Indians explained to me that this is a replica of a similar face near their home village in South America. They showed me a miniature of this structure and I said "Yeah, that's true, it could have looked like that". They also told me how the top portion (the nose part) was destroyed in a big storm long time ago. I have received valuable ideas as well as small compositions from my dreams. But despite this dream, I still am waiting for more "facial evidence"...