NEW STUDIES BY Veli Martin, 1998


Many people, including Richard Hoagland have claimed that the original raw image that was released 6th April in the net and the enhanced images published a little later were not the same.
I certainly agree that the quality of the raw image as well as the enhanced version is no match to the high resolution crips pictures received from the MGS earlier. But I do believe the enhancement is made from the orginal raw image, which the demonstration should also prove.

On the left is a detail of the raw image. On the right is the same area of the NASA enhanced image. Is it possible that this result could be achieved from the low-contrast raw image that looks like only some gray stuff with no details (actually, this gif image looks even worse than the tiff file it is cut out from)? Let's see...

First I adjusted the brightness and contrast just enough to see what's in the picture and to spot the vertical stripes. Then I removed the vertical stripes manually by darkening and lightening them. NASA certainly has a software that does this automatically and with better results.
Then I mirrored the image and added some more contrast. Why the raw image was mirrored, I don't know.

The last step was to correct the perspective and still adjust the contrast and sharpness a bit. On the right is the original NASA enhanded picture again. The match is not perfect, but you can see that ALL the details are the same. So I guess it's not unfair to conclude that the enhancement is made from the original raw image, is it?