Tawsmead Copse, Nr West Stowell, Wilshire, 9 Aug, 1998:


  • It appeared in the night between 9th and 10th Aug, during a few hours of darkness
  • It features a complex seven-sides structure with 175 circles
  • Each circle was laid-down in a unique swirl
  • During the night several witnesses spotted lights flying above the field, yet saw nobody there despite of the full moon
  • It was full of dead snails, completely dried inside

The field is very well visible from the road, from Eastfield where two other large formations were positioned and from the hills surrounding Eastfield. There were people there in the previous night, but they did not see the new Crop Circle, not from the road, not from Eastfield, not from the hills. In the morning it was there.

And during the full moon lit night, there were people skywatching on Knapp Hill, close to Eastfield. What they saw was balls of light moving both on the sky and above the field. Lights were also seen early in the morning from the Barge Inn camping site, just about a mile away. I talked with three eye-witnessed personally, but I heard there were others. Some described they saw a light come down and split into three.

They did not see cars stopping next to the field. They did not see people enter the field and move around with torches. The field was shadowed, so they didn't seen the formation appear either... until the break of dawn.