The Spiral formation in Siuntio, Southern Finland

Apperead 19 Aug, 1998
photo (c) Lars Österman

This is the first of three formations that appeared in southern Finland, close to Helsinki, in August 1998. It was found by the landowner 19th Aug. According to him, his sister drove on the road next to the field at 2 p.m. when the Crop Circle was not there yet. At 5 p.m. his other sister passed the field and noticed the formation. I also later met a man who said his friends had passed the spot in early afternoon that day without noticing the Crop Circle.

I visited the field 27th Aug when the crop was already harvested. However, the flattened circles were still there, almost untouched as the crop was not cut very deep. The formation that was made out of 13 circles was clearly visible from the road.

The smallest of the circles measures some 3 meters while the largest is some 21 meter wide. The entire length of the formation is some 100 meters. The circles make an spiral arc that is very regular in shape apart from the last circle in the other end, which seems to be clearly out of place.

The crop was laid down in neat clockwise spirals in all of the circles. An interesting detail was that in the largest circle the center of spiral was way out of the dead center of the circle. Even after lots of visitors and harvesting the lay was "airy" in many places. There was no pole holes visible. All of the circles were touching each other at the edges.

The dowsing rods seemed to react in the circle perimeters. However, they also spun in my hands far away from the formation, though perhaps not quite so clearly. This effect might be because of the big power lines running almost straight above the Crop Circle.

This formation appeared only some 40 hours after my return to Helsinki from England. On the previous night I had a meeting with some UFO researchers to whom I was telling about my Crop Circle experiences in Wiltshire. I also told that I had found the '96 Stonehenge Julia spiral the most important formation for me as it inspired me to study the Crop Circles and it still has a special effect on me. Is it a coincidence that on the following day a simplified version of this pattern appeared very close to Helsinki - especially as it is the first known Crop Circle in Finland after two years? (Later at least three psychic people have said I was indeed at least partially responsible for the formation - who knows...?)

Some interesting remarks were made later. Somebody noticed that mosquitoes were attracted to the circles, kind of duplicating them in the air. Is it possibly because of the different temperature or moisture above the flattened crop? Another witness tells that some military officers were inspecting the formation. When she asked if they were there just out of curiosity, they replied they were on duty.

In January 1999 I met a woman who had not been to the Crop Circle, but had been shown some stalks picked from it. She said she felt the information coming from the stalks was so strong she got frightened. She said this level of energy could leave no person unaffected, no matter how insensitive you might be.

This photo shows the scale of the formation and also displays how difficult it would be to pass the spot without noticing anything. How could this have been laboured by people in broad daylight without the folks in the passing cars seeing them?

Veli Martin, Aug 30, 1998

See a stereogram of this Crop Circle