The "Alien with headphones", Sipoo, Southern Finland

Found 24 Aug, 1998 photo (c) Lars Österman

Though not as appealing as the Siuntio spiral, this is the most interesting and also most convincing of the three formations. According to the landowner (who was not very positive about the visitors) had appeared on the night between 23rd and 24rd Aug. It's again located next to the road and the road runs on a bank higher than the field, so the formation is very easy to see from the road.

Why do the Circles appear next to the roads? Well, most fields are actually more or less close to roads. Formations close to roads are spotted much easier and the ones further from roads may not be spotted at all or are only spotted by the landowner who doesn't want to inform about it or doesn't know where to contact. On the other hand, whoever makes the Circles is likely to want them to be seen.

When I visited the formation 27th Aug it was already in rather bad condition because of lots of rain and visitors stomping the muddy field. Anyway it was easy to see that though not as delicate as in the best English Crop Circles, the spiral flow of the flattened crop was rather neat. As with the other two formations, no apparent perimeter stalks or tracks were seen. It appears that these Finnish formations are not made quite with the same technique as most of the complex English ones.

Apart from the lower inner circle and the arc connecting the "headphones" the flow was anti-clockwise. The endings of the linear parts, where the flattened crop meets the standing, were very soft (see lowest picture right). To me this indicates that the plasma balls were released upwards causing the stalks to lean softly against the perimeter. Close to the borders there was lots of stalks that were only half bent and apparently unaffected by the visitors. Many of these were bent "magically", i.e. they had not snapped. Even the lowest nodes were bent without damage.

The center of the small circle in the middle of the lower part was very muddy, which can even be seen in the aerial shot. This caused some suspicion because it seemed to indicate that people had been standing and walking on it a lot. This muddy area was said to have been there even when the formation had just been found. Then again the same didn't occur with the center of the top circle nor the "headphones".

Dowsing rods reacted most strongly in the middle of the "head". Also two sensitive people felt the energies strongest in the same spot. This was an important information to me as I am very doubtful about what causes the rods to spin.

Veli Martin, Aug 31, 1998