The "Snowman" in Dägerby, Inkoo, Southern Finland

Found 21 Aug, 1998
photo (c) Lars Österman

The second formation was found a couple of days later, but it's possible it appeared earlier. It is on a field next to the road but is not very clearly noticeable if you don't know to look for it.

Both the geometry and the flattening is messy. The circles and rings are not perfectly round. The crop flows in a messy pattern and it's even difficult to notice the direction of the flow. Yet it is distinguishable that the flow in the ring parts is anti-clockwise and in the central circles clockwise.

The dowsing rods reacted in the centers of the circles and more strongly in the beginning (according to the flow) of the large "C" ring, where was the entrance to the formation from the road. In the other end of the incomplete ring the last stalks are bent steeply to the side, making the ending rather sharp. When I visited this formation it was rather late in the night and I was tired and hungry. Yet I felt that my exhaustion increased in it and I also got a slight head-ache.

The bad quality would typically make one doubt that this is a hoax. But it must be stated that the quality does not prove anything one way or another, nor does the complexity or simplicity of geometry. It just makes it easier to explain how it could have been hoaxed. The way how the stalks were bent in the end of the C ring suggested "manual labour" to me. Yet I find it hard to believe that someone would go through the trouble of making something like this in Finland, where very few people are interested. On the other hand, this one could have been fairly easy to construct compared to the other two formations.

Veli Martin, Aug 30, 1998