Pori, Finland:


Found 23rd July, 1998 (first spotted some two weeks earlier)


Field report

This 300 m long formation is located about 5 km away from the center of Pori. It lies on the edge of a field (oat, to my understanding) located next to a small road. I first noticed it from the bus window in early July, but it has probably appeared already in June. Because of lots of rain and wind, both the geometry and the crop condition have most likely been clearly distorted. However, the formation itself can't be totally a result of these natural forces, because the rest of the field is in good contition.

a very rough diagram of the right half

From the road only a vague stripe of flattened crop can be figured out. What made me interested in the formation was the extensions appearing somewhat regularily in the middle of several elements of the serpent. The formations consists of more than 30 segments, 1 - 10 m long. Between each segment there is 0.5 - 5 m standing crop, with no traces of anyone walking between the segments. Between the flattened crop and the ditch next to the field there is also some 4-5 m wide region of undamaged, erected crop.

the extensions

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