The birth of FCCI, March 1997

A tale of Synchronicity

Here's a story about the circumstances in which these pages were born:

Monday, 24 March: I finally had the proper moment to finish writing the material. In the following night I had a dream where I managed to take some very good photos of a flying saucer (not that it has anything to do with crop-circles...), but I developed them in a hurry and spoiled the pictures - and even the negatives. How awful!

Tuesday, 25 March (yesterday!): I was prepared to go to the Pori Technology Center (where I work) to start HTML'ing the pages and making extra graphics, buttons etc. (I had made the logo picture earlier). So I looked at the time and thought: "Well, I can still make the next bus, if I hurry". But I didn't hurry enough and I decided to stay a little longer instead of running like a madman (which is not very unusual for me, to be honest).

So, I had about 40 minutes. I didn't know what to do; somehow I just couldn't think about anything else than the making of these pages. So I started making notes of the things I need to get for the research trip I'm planning to England next summer (YES, I'm going if I just get the money!). I just got started when I heard the mailman drop my mail through the door.

It was not just the usual bills and ads. There was something that looked like... yes, a videotape; the Dutch video "Crop Circles, what on earth is going on?" that I had ordered some time ago. It came sooner than I expected (Bert and Janet, great work!) . AND when I looked at the other mail, I noticed there was also a letter from USA, from the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies). At first I didn't know what it could be, but then I thought it must be the photos that ilyes, one of the circle-researchers, had promised to send me - and so it was (thanks extremely a lot, ilyes!).

The video could have come two weeks later. The photos could have come two weeks earlier or later. But they came on the same day - and just the day when I was going to set up my crop-circle pages!

So now it is Wednesday. This morning I woke up early in the morning (well, early for ME) remembering a dream I just saw. In the end of the dream I heard a beautiful song - and I still had it in my mind. So I stayed still for a while to remember as much as possible of the melody and style of the composition. Then I got up, took some notepaper and went to my synthesizer to write it down.

The song is, like other songs I've received in dreams, out of my style - much more traditional. This song is in 6/8 rhythm (which I don't use much) and it's very much the style of those old latin language songs the boys' choirs in the catholic church sing - something I've never written. It stays firmly in the key (G major, the original "dream key") without any modulations, exceptional chords or change of time signature. This is NOT my style of composing (sorry for the therminology, I know all of you are not musicians).

In the dream the song was sung in a musical by a young girl with a pure, pleasant, untrained voice, accompanied by a female choir (and possibly a light orchestra). Before the song started, I was discussing with a Finnish Ufo researcher and TV producer (whom I don't appreciate all that much). I was interrupted by some members of the audience; they told me to be silent because there was this song coming. And the name of the song was: