The effect of the genuine Crop Circles (and to some extent probably also the man-made ones) can be understood by looking at how they are created - and vice versa, as we will soon see.

We know a lot about how people make Crop Circles and what kind of properties their creations include. When it comes to non-man-made formations, we don't have direct knowledge. Neither can we sit on the edge of a field when we want to see how the work is done. However, there is material which can be used to construct a rather specified hypothesis of the process. The one described here is based on following sources:

1. The geometrical properties of the formations; each element is based on previous ones (this is demonstrated with animations on my video documentary, see last page).

2. Changes observed in the plants and soil, pointing to energy fields present at the time of creation.

3. Eye-witness stories about patterns "opening up" on the field very quickly, often "assisted" by small luminous objects.

4. The location of Crop Circles over ley-lines.

5. Scientific investigation, supporting the existence of toroidal energy fields.

6. Channelled information.

7. My own "visions" I've seen while meditating in or close to Crop Circles.

An important confirmation to my ideas was the testimony of an eye-witness, who in All Cannings, Wiltshire, saw how a formation was created by light phenomena one night in August, 2000. This elderly woman had not familiarised herself with various theories or Crop Circle information in general. She had not visited any formations, though she had lived for nine year in the very "hot spot" of Crop Circle area. The next morning there was a fresh Crop Circle in the direction where she saw the lights. This description perfectly matched my idea of the genuine Crop Circle creation.

Of course I am not attempting to take all credit for this hypothesis to myself. When I talk about "my" hypothesis, I don't mean I'm going to copyright it to myself or something. I simply want to explain my ideas about the birth mechanism of Crop Circles, based on those studies, observations and conclusion I've made throughout the past years. Many others have become to similar ideas.

Especially when looking at the purpose of Crop Circles, channelled information takes a crucial role. Many people have difficulties trusting messages received telepathically from other levels of reality. In a way, this is the correct approach since we don't have any more guarantee of the truthfulness of this messages than we have regarding articles we read in newspapers and magazines. However, you can compare the information with that presented in other papers and media, then use your own experience, observations and intuition to find your truth. In a similar way, you can evaluate the channelled information coming from different people, from various corners of the world (lots of this info is available in the Internet).

And as a matter of fact, all information we receive is coming through various channels, the receiver eventually being responsible of deciding which information is reliable and which is not. This applies completely to the text you are reading now - you can choose to take all this as disinformation if you wish!

With these observations in mind, let's see how a genuine Crop Circle is possibly created!

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