Anomalous lights

In the Circles and elsewhere

Observations based on image enhancement


Vertical red stripes

Both last summer and the year before I got several vertical red stripes on photos shot inside a close to a Crop Circle. The stripe was always in the same place but varied in intensity and width. What makes this interesting is that in 1997 I used a brand new fully automatic Olympys compact camera, in 1998 an old semi automatic Minolta X 700. The effect however was very similar.

The red channel of a photo shot in the Koch Fractal formation at Silbury Hill, 1997

Apparently the stripe is not something that was actually present in the vicinity while shooting, because it was clearly positioned according to the picture frames, not the view. However, the fact that the stripes presented themselves only in Crop Circle photos, forces one to conclude there's some energy in the Circles that made this happen. In 1997 there was one exception; a picture of the medieval Avebury Cathedral. This was a stereo picture which means I took two pictures in a row; yet the stripe only appeared in the other picture. This suggests either the energy responsible is not stable, or minute variations in the film affect the phenomenon.

A red stripe normally signals an unintentional overexposure, resulting from a leakage in the film case, or the camera itself. For example, a red edge is typical in the first or last picture of the film. But what causes a leakage particularly inside a Crop Circle?

It seems that different people have different kinds of camera troubles in the circles. Of course this depends on the type of camera, but perhaps it is like in the case of dowsing; even the same pair of dowsing rods can react differently in the hands of various dowsers. Next time I'm in a Crop Circle with a Camera, I must ask other people to shoot with it too. Of course this might not lead to any conclusions, since the stripe occurs only in some photos anyhow. Yet I don't consider it impossible that even here the effect is a result of three elements affecting together: The Crop Circle energy, the camera and the person holding the camera.

I think all these photos were shot in sunny weather - the 1998 photos sure were because it was sunny all the time I was in Wiltshire. Just the Avebury Cathedral photo was probably shot in a cloudy weather, which makes it even more interesting.

A more regular shaped stripe taken with an other camera, Eastfield fractal snowflake, 1998

And a similar one in the "Lockeridge Queen"
Notice that although the Eastfield formation was several weeks older, the effect on it was much sronger!

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