Welcome to FCCI!

I opened my Crop Circle Internet site in March, 1997. My original aim was to provide information to the Finnish public about a subject, of which there was practically nothing written in Finnish. Ever since the beginning, however, my visitors were mostly foreigners, so I soon concentrated updating mainly the English pages. In 1999, to the disappointment of some, I removed the outdated Finnish pages completely.

Now, in early 2002, I have progressed quite a bit from my starting point. After visiting England five summers in a row, having seen well over 50 Crop Circles on the spot (some also in Finland), having exchanged ideas with several international researchers, I can now present a lot of my own material and conclusions.

Hence my site doesn't any longer just shed light on all possible ideas and approaches circulating world-wide. Instead I'm focusing on the facts that have become clear to me over these years. Of course I'm not claiming (as nobody can) to understand the phenomenon in all its complexity; answers often open up a set of new questions, so there's always a lot to explore!

On the other hand, lots of these questions touch a much wider spectrum of subjects than just the Crop Circles themselves. To understand this phenomenon, one must adapt (or rather recall) a worldview significantly differing from the one given to us Western people in our education system and media. For example, the questions "who is making the patterns" or "how are these patterns made" can not be answered before the questioner is prepared in his mind to wander beyond the boundaries of the mainstream technically oriented worldview. This view, when seen in a wider perspective, is a very recent one and by no means should we be content to take it as absolutely correct.

Based on all the data gathered from the Crop Circles by this day, we should forget such questions as "are they all stomped down by people" or "are they all landing marks of flying saucers". From the viewpoint of a Crop Circle researcher (no matter how amateur) these questions belong to history and the it's very clear that the answer to this kind of specific questions is "no". There is no exclusive single solution to the Crop Circle puzzle. As certainly as we can state that some crop formations are made by people stomping on the fields, we can say that some are not.

Unlike the sceptics claim, evidence must be provided both for a formation being man-made and being not man-made. This would not be the case, if it could be seen reasonable that every single formation was created by people. Most of these sceptics, however, have not visited any Crop Circles personally, leave alone familiarised themselves with all the research material that is publicly available. This material proves without a shadow of a doubt that there are Crop Circles, that absolutely could not have been made by people - at least not by using only physical tools (some of this material can be seen on my web site and in my video documentary "Crop Circles - coreography of consciousness"). Thus we must take as a starting point the idea that there is a force beyond physical human beings behind some of the Crop Circles. After accepting this, we must see this force as the possible creator of each and every new formation, regardless of it's complexity (since we can't assume this force to make only complex formations).

So what is this outside force (or forces) and where does it come from, why is it here? There are answers available even to these questions, but accepting them calls for even more freedom from the strict scientific worldview. And what is the most difficult thing to swallow for the people rooted in the western materialistic-scientific ground, the sincerity of these answers can not be proven by physical evidence but by spiritual - which, in the end, can only be found inside each individual person.

With this booklet, with my site, with my video I can also just offer physical evidence to support the idea that what we have here is a true phenomenon, not just a scam or landscape art. Yet I can give several suggestive groundings for the origin and purpose of these patterns - it is up to the reader to decide about their truthfulness. I am not upset if you decide not to believe. It is even better not to believe than believe blindly just because somebody says something!

Welcome to the Evolution!

Veli Martin, 2002

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