Winterbourne Bassett, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire
Appeared 1st June, 1997
45 m in diameter
(photo (c) Steve Alexander)

A Geometrical Analysis

Here we have a formation that is a prime example of the intelligent geometry found in Crop Circles of this style. I was not planning to analyze "the Harlequin Triangle" but when I was making the diagrams of '97 formations, I got very interested in this one.

Something that has caused me some confusion when studying this kind of Crop Circles, is the fact that the construction circles and lines have a THICKNESS, and I don't know whether to take the radii of the circles and the position of the lines from the middle of the borders or consider them as double circles and double lines.
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You see, the thickness of the rings and lines (which I believe show the thickness of the barriers restricting the lay-down of the crop to desired areas) is enough to make a clear difference in the results of a geometrical analysis. Here I present to you both ways to look at this issue. I first traced the construction circles and lines as precisely as possible from the perspective corrected photo, naturally including the thickness of them. Afterwards I converted the double borders into their average (placing the lines in the middle). You can draw your own conclusion on which way is the right way to look at this feature - or if they both are!