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UFO connection
The Creation of Crop Circle Pictograms

2002 update, please read this first:

The following is my hypothesis of Circle making from 1998. Now, in 2002, my ideas have somewhat progressed (click here), but in this old study there are some details I haven't addressed in my recent articles, yet they I still valid.

For some time this hypothesis has been excluded from my site. Now I'm re-including it, pretty much in its original form. However, for the reader's limited time in mind, I have highlighted the essential bits. If you wish to save time, please read first the blue text and then if you're interested check out the rest.

Additionally I have added some updates among the text, clarifying my current understanding of things. Enjoy the ride!

Veli Martin, Sept 16, 2002


For starters some important remarks:

1. This is NOT a scientific study, but a set of logical ideas concluded from facts (or what I consider as facts) and observations.

2. I am not explaining the technical details involved in Circle making.

3. I am not explaining WHO makes the Circles or WHY. The purpose is to present an idea of HOW they are created from beginning to end. Even this is "just" speculating, but I hope you find my speculation logical and that it gives you inspiration ("food for thought"). Anyhow, I make the assumption that the makers of the Circles are something non-physical and usually invisible to us.

4. I am talking about electro-magnetic physics though I am not a physicist. I am talking about geometry though I'm not a mathematician. I am talking about cereology though I'm not a cereologist. If you, my reader, have more knowledge in any of these fields, I encourage you to contact me pointing out any flaws in my text.

5. In my text I seem to be saying that this is how the things ARE. Please note that everything is only ACCORDING to this hypothesis.

6. This hypothesis is bound to have similarities to others. I have obtained some useful information by reading studies of other researchers, but haven't duplicated or copied any of them intentionally.

6. Finally, let the text, the images and animations carry your own imagination and thoughts. Perhaps you can solve a part of the mystery, or at least help me in it! Or maybe you have your own hypothesis and you get more ideas to take it further.

For this hypothesis I have to express special grattitude to ilyes for providing detailed information concerning the Circles on her site and in our email correspondance. I also can't deny the influence of her own (though remarkably different) hypothesis: "The Transmission of a Circle" (see links).

Also special thanks to Mira in Finland for sharing her channelled information with me. I don't take channellings as facts, but her ideas have given me hints and inspiration to process my hypothesis further.