Crop Circle in Espoo, Finland

along the Suomenoja road
discovered July 257h, 2000


A video still from a footage shot by Jukka Lantta, July 25th

Download a 40 sec video clip, 2.5 MB AVI


I visited the formation on the day of the discovery around noon, together with a couple of friends. The Crop Circle is very clearly visible from the road at the top of the hill, before it runs down next to the oat field. The Circle is located some 50 m away from the road.

The size is in the same range as that of the Circles in southern Finland in 1996 and 1998 (it seems that Crop Circles in Finland appear every other year), some 35 m long. In the British scale this would be rather small, although even there these "dumbbell" type Circles are typically relatively small.

In both of the ring sections (some 20 and 10 m by diameter) the crop has been laid down clockwise, in a rather messy way, though generally keeping their direction. The perimeters are not particularly precise. There were lots of standing stalks.

In the path connecting the rings and the linear extensions from the smaller ring, the crop was interestingly laid down 90 degrees against the direction of the path. The stalks were mostly bent at ground level, even at root level. I think this is because the stalks at this time of the summer are very stiff.

In the middle of the larger ring, there is a circle with a perimeter of some 2 m, in which the crop was also bent clockwise. The center was not apparently smashed nor were the stalks any more damaged than elsewhere. There wasn't any sign of a hole in the ground either.

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