Espoo, August 1996

Illustrations © Tapani Koivula 1996


(Thanks to Tapani Koivula, who personally was there to investigate the formations and gave me the information)

The Espoo crop circles last summer were the first Finnish crop circles to gain attention in the media. They were also recorder to the Data base of C.P.R International.

They appeared in August and Helsingin Sanomat, the leading newspaper in Finland, published two articles in the end of the month (article 1, article 2). Also the newspaper Länsiväylä wrote a story about the subject. In this the formations were clearly noted as hoaxes. They were supposed to have been done by same pranksters that in the previous summer had made simple letter patterns on the fields of the same region.

The first formation was in wheat and the second in barley. Like you can see from the pictures, the patterns are somewhat similar to the ones in England, though don't quite match the impressiveness of the best pictograms in Southern England. In the first formation the stems had laid down anti-clockwise in the circles and in the triangular extension it was neatly bent in oppisite directions on opposing sides.

According to Tapani Koivula the soil in the patterns was rather soft and the stalks were bent from the ground level (not from the knots above ground level like it is said to happen in many English formations).

What might be worth noticing, is that on the same field of the first crop circle there had been a snowcircle in the preceeding winter. This was also recorded on video (I'll try to get this in my hands). This field is located in a spot visible both from the highway and the Helsinki-Turku railroad.

Four photographers had problems with cameras inside the the circles. This has been noticed also in international formations.

In addition to these two formations, a third one appeared later in a field between these. This third pattern was very simple and rough, appearing to be more a less unfinished.