Roundway, Devizes


Certainly the most - well, the SECOND most impressive, and at least the most ROYAL formation of 1999. Extreme accuracy in the perimeters and lay-down of the crop, as you can certainly see from the photo (I'm actually quite proud of this one!). The most impressive formation has to be the "Magic Basket", which is quite clearly related to this one.

This huge crop circle could be clearly seen from the road, passing over a top of the hill next to it. The farmers charged an exceptional large sum of 2 pounds for entering the formation. I visited it two days after it was found.

It was located almost straight under a big electric power line, which was making a loud trilling noise. I'm not sure if it always does that, or if there was any truth to Mira's (my Finnish contactee friend who was with me) claim that the energies in the Crop Circle were interfering or eliminating the harmful energy coming from the lines. Might have been this electrical field or perhaps the energy present in the Crop Circle, that caused an intense pain in my lower back. It began as soon as I entered the formation and ended right after I left.

Mira sat in the middle of the formation and managed to contact the makers of the Circle, or at least someone presenting themselves as such. As I was translating Mira from Finnish to English, I started shaking like a leaf - even before it started getting a bit chilly when the sun was setting. I'm quite assured there was a real contact going on, not just because of my physical reaction, but also because of the shear amount of information coming through Mira, triggered very much by the questions of people sitting in a ring around her.

I won't attempt to tell about everything she channeled, but at least a few curiosities must be mentioned: The beings claimed to be from a star we call Proxima Centauri, which on the sky is close to Alpha Centauri, the closest star to us after the sun (in reality it's not close to Alpha Centauri at all). One of the purposes of this crop circle was to describe the type of forms they used in their world. At some state Mira had to drop the connection to these beings, but she started receiving some others instead.

It was told that the Crop circles are made by beings from various planets, all inhabited on higher frequencies. This explains the variety of types of Circles, both in terms of geometry and the style in which they are laid down. Interestingly, when it was asked if some people are creating crop circles as channels to higher energies, the beings refused to answer. This was the only question that was left unanswered.


One can not neglect the similarity to the huge seven-folded snowflake on East Field, Alton Barnes, in the previous year. In addition to the sevenfold geometry and the scale, both formations share the large area of flattened crop in the middle, with a "hidden" geometry forming out of the stalks laid-down in different directions.

As mentioned before, there's also an important link to the "Magic Basket" that appeared just 6 days later. More about this a bit later...
Though a formation visually based on number 7, the ratios of the circles interestingly are more intimately based on 9, or 18!

All the "jewels in the crown" are located outside of circle D, which has a radius exactly half of the overall diameter. This circle together with the intersection points of a heptagram (7-pointed star) made by connecting the outer centers of the large circles defines the size of the smaller "jewels" (2 and 4).

The larger "jewels" are defined by a circle (E) whose diameter is 11/18 of the whole diameter - exactly as in the Magic Basket (3)!

Also the circle defining the "pits" in the crown (1) is a member of the "18-step family" (C).

Circle A is the one that can only be seen in the floor pattern.

Circle B (with the relative radius of 4/18 or 2/9) defines a special heptagon; it's corners define the "bases of the large jewels" (1-1-1). The crossing points of the resulting 7-pointed star are used to define the bases for the smaller jewels (2-2-2)!

The diameter of circle C, born from these two stars, is twice the diameter of B, 4/9.

Hence once again all the elements turn out to be related, though in a most extraordinary fashion! I have yet to check out how this underlying structure matches the floor pattern...

Finally we just HAVE to check how the Roundway Crown (yellow) matches with the Bishop Cannings Magic Basket (white). I do this by using the geometrical structures (in the Basket all the rings have a thickness).

The utmost large circles are an exact match, with the 11/18 ratio outlining them from the inner part of both formations.

Otherwise there are now mathematically meaningful matches, though the 14 innermost circles of the Basket sit rather nicely among the yellow stars!

In any case, the resulting pattern is very beautiful, regardless whether these two works of art were meant to come together or not.

- Veli Martin, 2000