Luminosities videotaped over the Barbury Castle
"Dolphins" crop circle in August, 1999

published here with the permission of the Camera man, Don Fletcher

I have personally digitized, zoomed and manipulated this clip from a first generation copy of Don's video, that I received from him in March, 2000. I met Don a few days after he had shot the video and have met him a few times after that. I have absolutely no doubt of his honesty nor the authenticity of his video.

Download the AVI file (2 Mb)

(this clip doesn't show the second luminosity, very briefly seen in the end of the clip)

The luminosities visible in this video were certainly present at the location, on that early August afternoon (sorry, I have lost the exact date). A totally different matter is what they really are. However, they are so much similar to the balls of light (BoLs) seen in the famous Oliver's Castle video from 1996 that I'm now quite convinced that the OC video was also genuine, at least when it comes to the BoLs. This was further confirmed to me by an extensive computer analysis made by Chris Everett, presented on his video "Crop Circle Update 1999" .

Based on the research I've done so far on the clip, it is difficult to say much about the flying object, except what you can see with your bare eyes. The quality of the video is very good, but because of the movement of the handheld camera, the object is never really sharp. In some frames it seems to be shaped like a triangle or arrowhead, but I've concluded this is because of the grain in the video. It also seems to change shape from round to flat or elongated, but this is at least mostly due to the motion blur caused by the camera movements.

An interesting detail in the film is that none of the people present in the Crop Circle seem to notice anything. The possible explanation is that the luminosities are actually flying much higher above the field than it seems. It's very hard to determine the height, when there is no apparent shadow cast by the objects. An other possibility is that the objects are partly transparent, so that they could be clearly seen only from an angle with a strong reflection.

Don has managed to shoot some other fairly good UFO footage, which he has also shown to me. It is possible that the light ball type UFOs are somehow attracted by certain kind of people. Don has a very balanced and tranquil attitude towards these phenomena, which I think is essential in order to encounter them. Additionally he is a very kindhearted person and knowing him I don't see any way how he could be involved in some kind of a conspiracy to fool people.

Please feel free to send any comments to me about the video.

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