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to learn about the amount of man-made crop circles in the period of 1996-2003


Hello and welcome to take part in my survey! I originally aimed it only to specialists either in crop circle research or making crop circles, but apparently this limited the number of responses to very few. I have now updated the survey so that it is form based, making it much easier to fill (I hope!). Also I welcome all to take part; just define on the first page of the survey your experience and knowledge of the subject. I can then evaluate how the opinions differ between experts and novises, which also will be valuable information.

It will take you a while to complete, because there are 112 crop circles for you to evaluate. Actually it took me only 15 minutes, but I had already evaluated the crop circles when selecting them. However, it should not take more than 20 minutes of your time. Naturally I expect you to be as objective and sincere as you can in your evaluations!


During my last visits to England I have met with several people who are involved in crop circle making. I have also tried circle making myself, to find out about the process and the features of man-made formations.

The aim of this survey is to shed more light on the scale of human circle making. It is especially targeted to the circle makers, many of whom I have contacted. However, it is also valuable to have other opinions and see how experts' opinions match or contradict with the claims of the artists.

The purpose is not to prove that all crop circles are man-made, nor that none of them are. Neither is my purpose to expose circle makers for lying or criminal activities. The idea is only to learn as much as possible about this crucial aspect of the phenomenon. When presenting the results, nobody will be mentioned by name. Your input is completely confidential, which I can assure!

If you wish to learn about my viewpoint to the human circle making, please read my latest article:

Learning about ourselves through Crop Circles

Note that in order to take part in this survey you don't need to agree with anything I say!