In a weed field, discovered 15 June, 2006

Image strecthed from a pole shot

I was in Fulda, Germany, when I received news about a crop circle in Finland. It appeared on 15 June, in a field of weeds that belongs to a small community in Suomusjärvi, which is located at about one hour's trip west from Helsinki. This is around the same region, where most of the previous crop circles in Southern Finland have appeared, an area of pre-historic settlements.

The formation is surprisingly complex in terms of geometry and lay pattern, considering its small size and the fact that it's made in weeds. Randomly distributed weed, including many plant species, don't provide such "resolution" for complex designs as cereal crops that are sown with regular intervals and stand firmly in an upright position.

The centers of the circles were clearly offset from the mathematical midpoints, and they had a nice appearance even when the crop was already growing up.

According to the two young boys, who spotted the formation, there were originally no tracks leading to the formation. It was located deep inside the field, apparently with no tractor lines available for entry. When I arrived three days later on 18 June there were many paths leading to the crop circle, and it was apparent that by walking among the untouched weeds, you would instantly leave a visible path behind you.

The people at the comminity were all very excited about the crop circle and the new energy it brought to them. I heard they'd had some problems with each other, but the appearance of the crop circle took their attention away from their problems. It was found when they were celebrating someone's birthday. They decided to design a salad tray according to the shape of the formation.