Geometry of the
"Joker" crop circle in Sompting, West Sussex
found June 3, 2002

Knowing my investigation with this formation was not yet complete, I continued to look for a clearer relationship between the central area and the "arms". It turned out that the "tight" heptagram shape is the key:

In the above picture you can see three of these seven-pointed stars. The big blue one is tangential to the central circle and it's point reaches the furthest perimeter of the shape; the outer edge of the satellite circle. A smaller star with its central heptagon enclosed by the central circle points to the center or the satellite circle.

The size of this small circle again seems to be defined by another heptagram enclosed by the outer circle of the central ring (which is duplicated at the top of the image for clarity).

What is the double circle around the ring then? As I looked more carefully, I noticed the circle defining the inner arc of the arm is slightly smaller than the outer arc after all (this does not disturb any of the information on the previous page).

Above you can see the same diagram exposed over the aerial photo. It looks as a perfect match! The centers of the circles are marked with white dots. However, I must confess that when working with so small detail, there is a possibility of misinterpretation. On the previous page I have a diagram where the two circles defining the arcs are equal in size. This seems to fit the photo exactly. Since just one third of the circular arc is visible, a slight change in the radius makes very little difference. Yet it seems now that this new version fits more perfectly - not only as exposed over the photo, but also in terms of the geometry.