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Crop circle verifies the accuracy of the Mayan calendar
Dec 21st 2012 and May 10th 2013 complete a 52 year planetary cycle

A brief version of this long article can be found at the crop circle connector site (scroll down the page).

A crop circle that appeared in Italy last June reveals a sequence of planetary alignments over 52 years, culminating in Dec 21st 2012 AND May 10th 2013. The importance of this cycle is in an astounding symmetry concerning the planets Mars and Venus, as well as Jupiter and Saturn.

The images above demonstrate the extraordinary symmetry in the dates 26 April 1962 and 21 Dec 2012: Venus and Mars swap places, and Saturn replaces Jupiter.

Between these two dates there is a regular sequence of alignments of all the inner planets with the sun. This sequence does not continue after 2012 (nor before 1962).

The Mayan Long count calendar terminates on winter solstice day, 2012. For some time I have personally downgraded the importance of this particular date. Instead I have underlined that the shift in human consciousness occurs step by step over many years. There didn't seem to be any major astronomical alignment on Dec 21st and the end date of the Long count calendar itself is based on very little historical evidence.

The crop circle that appeared in Santena, Italy June 17th this year reveals astronomical patterns that change this situation. It reveals several dates that are related to the position of Sun and Mercury in the constellation of Cancer and particularly the position of the inner planets. Additionally it points to a sequence of 17 or 18 alignments of 5 planets between those dates.

At you can find several comments and studies on this crop formation. One of the articles states that the displayed position of the inner planets occurred in April 26th 1962 and as a mirror image (or seen from the South side of the solar system) on Dec 21st 2012 - that is the end date of the mayan Long count. They also say that companions of the Cancer constellation are Sun and Mercury in the beginning of August. But what year?

I have completed a thorough analysis of the planetary alignments over the period of ca. 1950 to 2040 to see how they match the information in this crop circle. Here are my findings briefly:

  • The inner planet postion points to both 1962 and 2012. Likewise, the Cancer-Sun-Mercury position points to August 1961 and 2013.
  • In the exact midpoint of April 26th 1962 and Dec 21st 2012 is a major planetary alignment on Aug 24th 1987 - just a week after the Harmonic Convergence, the first worldwide meditation and prayer event in history.
  • Between these same dates there is a sequence of alignments of all the inner planets, where Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in conjunction related to Earth.
  • Additionally there are 10 alignments of at least five celestial objects, conforming almost perfectly to the cycle of the inner planet alignments.
  • On both the 1962 and the 2012 date Mars and Venus are located symmetrically on both sides of the Sun, just reversing their positions. Additionally, Saturn exactly replaces Jupiter as seen from the Earth. At the same time, on Dec 21st 2012, Sun is in its closes position to the galactic center.
  • The sequence of 5 planet alignments begins at Feb 2nd 1962 and ends at May 10th 2013. The length of this sequence is precisely 52 Tuns; which again is exactly 1/100 of the Long count calendar (Tun is a 360 day cycle, very important in the mayan long calendars). This 52 Tun cycle is made of 8 Mars-Venus rounds (where the Mars and Venus cycles synchronize).
  • The dates referring to the constellation of Cancer are Aug 5th 1962 and Aug 7th, 2013. The period between these dates is exaclty 52 years long, equalling to the mayan Calendar round, a period over which the sacred astrological Tzolkin calendar of 260 days synchronizes with the solar year (Haab, 365 days).
  • The entire cycle from 1961 to 2013 includes an astonishing symmetry in time and space, clearly pointing to a theme of balancing the opposites (Mars-Venus, Jupiter-Saturnus). This resonates with the idea of heart consciousness (or Christ consciousness), a major theme in the 2012 consciousness shift.