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Smeathe's Plantation nr Ogbourne Down Gallop:
An anomalous object inside the crop circle
29th July 2009

This beautiful formation was found near Ogbourne Down gallop on 24th July, 2009. When we arrived to Ogbourne St George on 26th July with my group of Finnish people, it was the latest crop circle in England. Conveniently it was just a couple miles from where we were staying. I went to the spot on the morning of 29th July. Respecting the farmer's request, I did not go inside the formation but took some photos from top of the Ridgeway, next to the field.

A little after 10 am I noticed there was a dark object in the central circle. I couldn't see what it was, it seemed totally immobile. I first though it was just some trash left by a visitor. Just in case, I decided to take a series of pictures, using the maximal 12 x zoom in my camera.

It turned out the object was not there in my first shots and after some 10 minutes it was gone. In some of the pictures it looks like a bird (and the size would match), but although I was constantly looking towards the formation I did not see any bird entering or leaving or even flying around the crop circle. Also, to me it seemed strange that a bird would stay in one place for several minutes in such a place.

Here are a few contras enhanced shots of the object, showing how it seems to change shape and colour:

Here it does look like a bird... it definitely doesnt.

In this shot the object is clearly smaller and also strikingly different in color and shape. Additionally, there seems to be a glow above it. Now can you imagine the two above pictures being the same object, if it didn't change shape?