Plasma effects and Crop Circles

information from a Finnish Contactee



    The following is information I have received and translated from a young Finnish contactee, Mira. At the moment she doesn't want her contact information or personal details to be revealed. For my part I can say I'm assured of the reality of at least part of her contacts.
    This text should not be taken as factual scientific document. You should put it in the right perspective compared to your previous knowledge. I must emphasise that this person has only visited one old Crop Circle in Finland and has not read any Crop Circle literature (which is not even available in Finnish and she doesn't know English). Neither has she studied natural sciences in any institutions to my knowledge.
    Mira is very willing to share her knowledge with researchers and co-operate with scientific field and laboratory research to confirm the knowledge she receives from her cosmic friends. She is also able to ask them questions and get answers. The reliability of these can again be tested empirically and logically.

    The part about Crop Circles can be found on page 3.

    You can also read a message where I describe what Mira told me about the makers and purposes of the Circles.

    - Veli Martin -

Part 7: Plasma effects

(received in 1997)

Neutrinos (ghost particles)
You get neutrinos from the sun. They are smaller than atoms, electrically neutral and practically weightless. There are three types that can transform into each other.

They pass physical matter because they exist more in ethereal than physical level. This is explained by you as "weak interaction".

Neutrinos are used by some to make cosmical measurements (probing). Some waves bounces from physical matter (compare to the radar of bats). The finer the substance is, the more it reacts.

Antimatter is made of antiparticles. When an atom is handled so that it increases its frequency, its three components transform. When shifting into the ethereal level the charges are switched; electrone (-) becomes its opposite pair, positron (+), proton becomes antiproton (-), neutrone becomes antineutrone.

Now we talk about ethereal level, so this substance can not be seen with physical senses. All objects have their counterparts, each celestial body, creature, cell, atom and its parts and even their parts. The amount of antimatter in the universe is equal to the amount of matter.

Ether ions
Are made of ethereal substances, opposite to the charge of ordinary ions

Astral ions
Are made of astral level substances, opposite to the previous level ions

Mental ions
Are made of mental level substances, again opposite to previous level etc.

The ions of each level have their own positions. This is why there are differences between frequencies. As the frequency increases the charges of the atoms' components turn to their opposites. The greater the frequency, the lighter and finer is the substance. And the less visible it is to the lower levels. That is why also velocities increase when higher levels are reached.

The speed of physical light, 300.000 km/sec, is not relevant on the higher levels. Already at the ethereal level everything is faster.

On astral level you can move back in time, stay in the present or travel to the future.

On mental level you can move at the speed of thought, which radically exceeds your speed of light.

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