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Learning about ourselves through Crop Circles

People make crop circles. Other forces make crop circles. People and these other forces make crop circles together. This is what I believe and this is what many crop circle artists and even a small number of researchers believe. There doesn't seem to be anything terribly wrong with this scenario. Yet the situation gives head-aches to many people.

I have already published several articles on my site about man-made crop circles. To get a general understanding of my viewpoint in this matter, please see what I've written in my general info section.

I will once again dig into this controversial subject in an attempt to explain why there is not much reason to these head-aches. I was further enlighted in this matter during my last visit in Wiltshire this August, spending a lot of time interviewing crop circle specialists. However, I will start with an excerpt of email correspondence with a fellow crop circle investigator, in the spring of 2003.

In my perspective, all people are equal and connected in the big picture and no person is the sum of his or her physical activities or mental motives. Our higher self communicates through our subconscious, through intuition and inspiration. Our mind often misinterprets the true motive of our actions, even if we later learn to understand.

Artists are often controversial characters (being an artist myself, I know this first hand). For instance, most people like the artwork of Vincent Van Cogh. Yet these people might not have liked the artist himself, as he was a very troubled character. The same applies to the work of many crop circle artists. Yet sacred geometry has been found to affect living creatures in a positive way per se, meaning it is the geometry itself that functions through energy frequencies and affects the consciousness of people, plants, animals, water, minerals.

People working with sacred geometry, one way or the other, consciously or not, are affected as well. The vibrations that are coming down particularly in certain regions such as Wiltshire cause different reactions in different people. The reactions again serve each individual in their own paths. And again, the sum of all people's reactions serves a larger collective group, in this case the cc community, but especially the people in England. The contradiction between the hoaxers and croppies is there in order to be balanced out - from my point of view this is quite obvious. Whenever there is a contradiction, its function is to challenge people to solve it - inside themselves, and then between each other.

Creating large geometrical patterns on crop fields is obviously a form of art initially. Why is it seen as a sinister disturbing activity? Because it is illegal, because it disturbs the research of a true otherworldly phenomenon and because some of the artists (the ones that choose to go public especially) are quite provocative and arrogant. The legal issue is an apparent reason for the secrecy. Most farmers are not willing to let any kind of artists enter their fields, no matter what their motives. Artists and occultists rarely are farmers, also they rarely are very rich. If they want to make art in crop fields, they have to do it without permission. Hence they can not speak out which crop circles they have made - apparently they would face criminal charges.

Again, this doesn't mean I accept criminal actions. But things are not black and white. With crop circles we are dealing with things far beyond man-made laws. If our "cosmic helpers" find it useful to inspire people to make crop circles, they don't consult our law books. Like I said, sacred geometries as such are good for life (though some might also have ill effects, as seemed to be the case with the Cherhill 11-pointed star in 2000 - on the other hand it wasn't actually that "sacred" nor well executed at all). In a truly advanced culture, people would be wise enough to willingly create sacred geometry patterns on their fields in order to improve the quality of the crop. The possible physical losses due to a small area of crop being stomped down might not be seen very relevant compared to the benefit of the energetic effect.

Why do croppies become debunkers as soon as they see crop circles can be created by people? Because they were in denial before. After they find out how wrong they were, they feel betrayed and embarrassed. To fix things they jump to the other extreme: I was oh so foolish, but I'm oh so enlightened now - I will never be so foolish again and neither should anybody else! An other option is to quietly disappear from the crop circle community and continue a "normal" life again. But if you accept the facts from the beginning, hoaxing never becomes a problem for you. You don't need to deny anything! You don't need to look another way when there's something you don't like to see - you just want to see everything that comes your way.

To serve my research, I once chose to take part in criminal activity. But it would have occurred whether I was involved or not (they were planning to make a crop circle that night anyway). The design came out of my dream in which I was told this formation is going to appear this summer in UK. So perhaps it was meant to come down, perhaps my activity wasn't that criminal after all! But that one time was enough for me. I got what I needed, I don't need to co-operate with the hoaxers again (well, who knows...). Now I know much better how to separate the man-made formations from not-manmade, yet I can appreciate both, based on their beauty.

My reality is defined by my experiences, what I see, what I hear, but especially what I FEEL. Isn't it the same for everybody? If you feel spiritually lifted by your experience in a crop circle, that is your reality, your true experience. Why should you let others take away that experience, define your reality in your behalf?? If the crop circle was man-made, so apparently your reaction was triggered by a man-made formation! Once you've had it, it is a part of you. People are often lifted by man-made art - it actually happens to be that most art IS man-made. Or is it? What is man? Where does an artist's inspiration come?

Or perhaps you feel absolutely nothing in a formation, perhaps you think it's man-made in the first place. Later you hear about investigations that suggest this was a genuine phenomenon after all. Should you change your reality afterwards? Should you regret you "false" reaction? Or should you realise that your reaction was based on prejudice? And what a prejudice it is! You are a spiritual human being, but you consider it impossible to be spiritually lifted by something created by another human being?

I wrote in an article in 1998:

I've stepped through the window, out of the constrains of the shady room. And I can see lots of buildings, with lots of pretty windows on them. If somebody "proves" all crop circles were man-made, it won't take me back. The new reality is not about crop circles, it's about being a fuller human being. It's about understanding what we are here for. This is not to say I've finished my final destination, there's a never-ending journey ahead!

What is taking place on Earth at the moment is something really beyond our simple laws. The arguments between people are arguments between egos, not the true souls. We are all divine beings, all destined to drop our egos and grow up to our true human potential as loving beings - including the hoaxers, including criminals, everyone. Each individual has a part to play, and it's all about learning how to love without restrictions, to fear nothing, to deny nothing, to accept everything that comes in your way. And not to get stuck in the window.

What more can I say? It's all very simple, but we can make it very complicated. This is what I've learned and what I'm teaching, "with a little help from my friends". (end of excerpt)


In 1999 I was in England with a UFO contactee, Mira. She predicted that after that year the amount of genuine crop circles will drop significantly and the first formations of 2000 would be based on triangles. She was correct at least with the second prediction (there were many triangle-based formations in April and May, 2000). I think she was correct also with the first prediction. Though there have been some absolutely stunning and wonderful formations during first years of the new millennium, it is obvious to me (and many others) that even some of the most complex - and particularly the most complex formations are man-made works of art.

When we look at the complexity of a crop circle, we tend to look at quantity: The more elements there are, the more impressive the design is. This doesn't make it less likely to be man-made. It only means it's more work and takes more people to execute.

I'm perfectly willing to accept that for example the famous "magnetic fields" formation of 2000 was man-made. I'm not claiming it is, but it could be. The shape is complex, but only in terms of quantity. It doesn't mean it was totally insignificant, not at all! I for one had interesting experiences in it. I went in with my dowsing rods, and repeatedly found out the rods twisted the opposite ways (outwards or inwards) within the flattened outer ring and the "criss-cross" central part. Nothing like this had happened to me in any other formation. While meditating in one of the "magnet centres" I received a series of geometrical "animations", which turned out to explain the geometry of the formation. This kind of experiences are wonderfully fascinating, but tell nothing about the origin or even the function of the formation.

If you doubt whether a formation of such complexity could be created by people, using just measuring tape, strings and stomper boards, please check out my article about the "Milk Hill Giant" - possibly the most "complex" formation of the past years. I calculated that this amazing shape could be executed by 12 people in no more than 5 hours. However, I still agree with most researchers that some of the designs of the past years still seem nearly impossible to be created by people.

Looking at the anomalies in the flattened crop and the soil beneath it or strange light phenomena inside and around the crop circles, it's understandable not to initially associate these with man-made formations. While I agree these features should be more expected in genuine crop circles, their presence does not guarantee that the formation was made by non-human forces. There are several arguments in behalf of this conclusion:

1. These features are only found after the crop circle was created; there is no guarantee they are a result of the crop circle creation itself.

2. Many of the anomalous features can find their explanation from the "unnatural" conditions of the crop, which hasn't been studied before the crop circle research: The crop is flattened against the ground and exposed to various weather conditions. When the stems are in horizontal position, it affects the flow of electromagnetic currents within them, compared to the standing crop.

3. The way how flattened and standing stems are arranged (according to the geometry of the formation), may create energetic interference patterns leading to unexpected results. This would have nothing to do with the origin of the crop circle, nor the mechanism of its creation.

4. Human beings are also energetic, electromagnetic "objects". Apparently this explains how people react to changes in energy fields around them. But don't the energy fields of people also affect their surroundings? Perhaps the circle making people, with their intentions and the way they move, affect the energy flow within the crop circle they make? Even the visitors to the crop circle may further enhance these effects.

5. If we accept there is an outside force controlling the crop circle phenomenon, we might as well accept this force not to be restricted in creating crop circles. Several balls of light have been observed inside and above crop circles, as if they were examining them. They have even been spotted by people making the crop circles. If these objects or entities regularly visit the crop formations, either to examine them or to actually "enhance" them, they can be responsible for some of the anomalies later found in the crop.

How are we then supposed to separate the true diamonds from the cheap replicas? My opinion is that we should learn to look for meanings instead of mechanisms. If we can learn something from the geometry, the energy effects, the anomalous lights, the synchronicities, the telepathic communications and other fascinating facets of the crop circles, we should just take it as it is, not get stuck in disagreements about the technical details. All these observations and experiences are the diamonds, and we can easily recognise them from the joy and inspiration they give us! A lot of the magic takes place within ourselves, not outside.


It is important to notice, however, that while the quantitative complexity of the designs has increased, there has been a clear decrease in the overall quality of the close-up features of the crop formations. Additionally, in my opinion only few designs in the past 3 years have shown geometrical intelligence such as was typical in the 90's. I must stress again, that it is not the quantity of the geometrical elements but the invisible mathematical intelligence that makes a crop circle more convincing - and less likely to be man-made. A prime example of this was the "Sompting spinner" in 2002.

Why are these important observations? Because they speak in behalf of a genuine phenomenon: If the qualities that are more associated with genuine crop circles have become less frequent, but the qualities associated with man-made crop circles have become more frequent, it implies there IS a genuine phenomenon. If the crop circles were only made by people (which I'm not at all suggesting) with no "higher" force involved, the quality of ALL crop circle features should be constantly improving as the people develop their skills. Of course you might suggest that the retirement of the old "master" crop circle craft men and the introduction of novices might explain the drop in quality. However, none of the "masters", apart from Doug and Dave who retired in early 90's, have claimed to have dropped out. And if a new generation of crop circle artist has entered the craft, then why hasn't the total number of crop circles increased?

I believe the number of artists has indeed increased, but at the same time the number of not man-made crop circles has dramatically dropped - at least in the Wiltshire area in England (the same might not apply in a larger perspective). This suggests that the crop circles in the 80's and 90's were a "project", that was more or less finished by 1999. According to Mira, one of the main functions of this project was to cleanse and reactivate the Earth energy grid, mostly polluted by human activities throughout the last centuries.


Another function the crop circles have served, and continue to serve despite the recent development, is that they've given us understanding of the intimate interconnectedness of the human consciousness and our physical environment. There is more than adequate amount of evidence to show that many crop circles have been triggered by the thoughts of people - even if these thoughts have been turned into reality by the physical work of other people! Many people would like to believe that this is a sign of ongoing communication between people and some E.T. beings. In some cases this probably is true (there certainly is more than adequate evidence of E.T. beings through UFO research), but actually a satisfactory explanation to such activity comes from the nature of our reality. We are only beginning to understand how our physical reality is defined by consciousness; the more focused our thoughts are, the more clearly and the quicker they manifest in a physical form.

The crop circle phenomenon is a very isolated area of our reality. The crop circles don't have a specific role in our "traditional" society, hence there were no fixed thought patterns associated with them when they started appearing. The Southern English countryside suddenly (within 10-15 years) became a focal point of world wide attention - in a way that is not at all typical in our world. It was not a political innovation, not a war, not a natural disaster, not an economical depression. It was something totally unexpected and ununderstood, something that we simply had to make new thought patterns for - or recover patterns we'd lost.

But it didn't become the interest of all people in the world, but a relatively small group (in terms of global population) of open-minded individuals, who for some reason were irresistibly drawn to this new phenomenon. Why did it catch the attention of us, but not the rest? What ever the reason (there are several possibilities, but they are not the subject of this article), not only did the crop circles begin to shape the lives of these people, but these people also begun to shape the evolution of the crop circle phenomenon.

But is this interaction only applicable to the crop circles and the croppies? I don't believe so. The same applies to everything. The reality is what we make out of it through our thoughts. The more focused a group of people is in a specific area of reality the more intense the interaction between consciousness and physical reality becomes. We don't seem to have much control over HOW the thoughts become physical reality. When we talk about crop circles, we might think of a certain pattern and then find it in the field, yet not have no control over the mechanism. It might be the crew of an E.T. space ship tapping into our thought pattern in the ether and deciding to send some circle making balls of lights into the field. Or it might be a group of youngsters who get an inspiration to go and make some cereal art. And if this "wave of consciousness" is strong enough, perhaps it leaves dowsable or even technically measurable traces - regardless of the mechanism.

And if we talk about personal career, for example. If you are focused enough in your expectation and desire, you will get into the position you want to. When you get there, you will notice you had very little control over the mechanism which took you there. This is how things work in this world, we just collectively haven't realised it yet. Once we do, we will no longer be restricted by the limitations set by our physical surroundings. Eventually we will simply become what we already are in our consciousness. The mechanisms will become totally irrelevant.


Yet another effect of the crop circles must be observed. They have taken thousands of people in very close contact with the land and the nature, in a way that is uncommon in our modern society. These people have not only learned to appreciate the crop circles themselves, but also the beauty and peaceful energy of the countryside. Such contact with nature is sufficient to make us more concerned with environmental issues and the condition of our planet.

If we manage to combine these two functions, we can learn something very important: By changing the way we think, we can take steer the world away from its destructive course. If we manage to understand that the beauty that has been brought into our world in the form of these enchanting landscape decorations is to a great deal a result of our consciousness, we can apply a similar process in a larger scale as well! And actually this is already happening. A growing number of people is involved in conscious work to bring more positive, loving energies into our world.

The decrease of non-manmade crop circles is not a loss. It is now time to harness what we've learned. And if we haven't we can still look back to what happened and learn from that. The current crop circle situation is far from uneducational. The people involved have new things to learn. The mystery is not gone. The non-human forces are still there and the man-made crop circles display features that defy conventional explanations. Experiences in and around the crop circles help people to activate their psychic abilities, some times enabling them to contact alien beings.

Yet it should be apparent to everyone, that the crop circles themselves are not the solution to our problems. They are merely an effective way to make us find our own power to heal ourselves and our planet.

Veli Martin, Aug 30, 2003