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Concerning the Iraq war and its connection to the Sumerian ET culture, here's an extremely important article:

An Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq
Research Study #2
February 3, 2003,
© Dr Michael E. Salla

We must consider this article was written in February, before the Iraq attack. Now it is known that loads of the Sumerian historical and cultural artifacts have been stolen from the Iraqi museums. Furthermore, this seems to have happened under the supervision of the U.S. troops, as if it was planned in advance. Here are some citations from the web:

The day of the jackals
Rod Liddle raises some disturbing questions about the looting of antiquities from the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad The Iraqi information minister, Said al-Sahaf, was still telling Western journalists that the treacherous infidel jackals of the US army had, in fact, killed themselves by swallowing poison, at the time the first looting of antiquities in Baghdad took place.

For some Iraqis, clearly, it was not enough to celebrate liberation from Saddam's cruel and iniquitous yoke simply by throwing garlands of flowers at advancing US marines. Far better, far more impressive, was the idea of heading straight for the Iraqi National Museum in downtown Baghdad with a pick-axe handle and a crowbar and a Kalashnikov or two.
… snip …
According to one of the museum's archaeologists, Raeed Abdul Reda, who greeted the world's media in tears, the robbers made off with some 80 per cent of the institution's most cherished possessions: jewellery and gold and 100,000-year-old stone tools and sculptures and carvings, ivory furniture, tilework, textiles and coins.

Indeed, they stole the world's few remaining artefacts from the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian cultures - those that had not already been liberated, during earlier and rather more paternalistic times, by the British Museum. These men knew where to look. They knew who had the key to the basement, where the good stuff was kept.

Brody believes the raid on the Iraqi National Museum was planned well in advance, probably before the war had even started. It's not unlikely that some members of Saddam's regime were involved.

'The whole thing is appalling, absolutely appalling. What we need to do now is find out exactly how much has been stolen and whether or not the remaining material is still safe. We need a system of embargoes to stop the things being sold,' he said.

How And Why US
Encouraged Looting In Iraq
By Patrick Martin

Perhaps the most devastating loss for the Iraqi people is the ransacking of the National Museum, the greatest trove of archeological and historical artifacts in the Middle East. The 28 galleries of the huge museum were picked clean by looters who made off with more than 50,000 irreplaceable artifacts, relics of past civilizations dating back 5,000 years. The museum's entire card catalog was destroyed, making it impossible even to identify what has been lost.
The US military stood by and permitted the ransacking of the museum, an incalculable blow to Iraqi and world culture, just as they allowed and even encouraged the looting of hospitals, universities, libraries and government social service buildings.

Pillaging 7000 Years Of
Iraq History No Accident
The Sacking Of Iraq's Museums -
US Wages War Against Culture And History
By Patrick Martin

At least 80 percent of the 170,000 separate items stored at the National Museum of Antiquities in Baghdad were stolen or destroyed during the looting rampage that followed the US military occupation of Baghdad. The museum was the greatest single storehouse of materials from the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia, including Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylonia, Assyria and Chaldea. It also held artifacts from Persia, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and various Arab dynasties.
The museum held the tablets with Hammurabi's Code, perhaps the world's first system of laws, and cuneiform texts that are the oldest known examples of writing-epic poems, mathematical treatises, historical accounts. An entire library of clay tablets had not yet been deciphered or researched, in part because of the US-backed sanctions that restricted travel to Iraq.

There are direct commercial reasons for the Bush administration to permit the plundering of Iraq's cultural treasures. According to a report April 6 in the Sunday Herald, a Scottish newspaper, among those who met with the Pentagon before the onset of the war were representatives of the American Council for Cultural Policy (ACCP), a lobbying group for wealthy collectors and art dealers that has sought to relax Iraq's strict ban on the export of cultural artifacts.
The group's treasurer, William Pearlstein, has criticized Iraq's policy as "retentionist" and said he would urge the post-war government to make it easier to export artifacts to the United States. The group sought to revise the Cultural Property Implementation Act, the US law that regulates such international trafficking in artistic treasures and antiques. According to this press account, "News of the group's meeting with the government has alarmed scientists and archaeologists who fear the ACCP is working to a hidden agenda that will see the US authorities ease restrictions on the movement of Iraqi artifacts after a coalition victory in Iraq."

The writers of the above cited articles are not making any suggestions towards ET technology or anything like that, but at least they are giving lots of reasons to believe the ransacking of the Iraqi museums were orchestrated by the Americans. They propose the historical treasures will end up in the hands of wealthy private art collectors and dealers. But following the line of Dr. Salla and my own investigations, the museum lootings fit the picture. Perhaps the most valuable artifacts are first investigated by the researchers of the secret government, then released to the "open markets" if they are not useful for them.

Suppose any of the information regarding the ET origin of the Sumerian / Iraqi culture is true. Suppose there really is a joint military-alien interdimensional project going on. Suppose there really is material related to an advanced alien technology among the Sumerian relics. Suppose there really is a secret government centered in USA, willing to exploit this technology for they own benefit. Would this group NOT organize a well-designed camouflaged attack to Iraq in order to take possession of this material?

If we are to make any logical connection from the Annunaki treasure hunt and the Montauk experiments in time to the UK crop circles, the key might well be Aug 12 this year. I'm not expecting the seas to rise and the lands to crumble (all though that kind of things happen now and then), but I sure expect something to unfold. I would be very surprised if a crop circle somehow related to the Chilbolton and Crabwood events does NOT manifest (see Count-down to a joint human-alien time travelling experiment culminating Aug 12, 2003).

I'll be in UK from Aug 8 to 15, with video equipment. The idea is to monitor the Winchester area for anything out of the ordinary, particularly Aug 12-14. If you are in UK that time and want to take part in my project, especially if you have 1. a car, 2. a camcorder and 3. a mobile phone, please contact me. The more people there are with video cameras, spread over several locations, the better chances there are to catch something.

Veli Martin, July 27, 2003