Experiences and observations of the Crop Circle in


The ascension of Earth from the 3rd level to the 4th and 5th

A starting point for this interpretation was the name of the place - "Overton Hill" (I'm not the first person to associate crop circles messages with the names of their locations). "Overton" is almost like "overtone", isn't it? What is an overtone then? Each sound created by people, an instrument or virtually anything has a base tone and several overtones ringing at higher frequencies. The relative volume of the overtones actually define the "colour" of the tone, though we usually don't hear the individual overtones.

But overtones are not just a property of sound. It is my belief that this is part of the general fractal nature of our world. All that we see, hear, feel, think... everything is an expression of a divine principle of "as above, so below" - or vice versa. Practically this means that all expressions of nature contain copies or variations of themselves in a fractal manner, at higher frequencies or smaller scale.

Thus we people also have different bodies on different frequencies. We have the physical body, but it has as its "overtones" several higher frequential bodies; the astral (emotional), mental and causal bodies. Each body again is divided into a scale of seven notes, or chakras, also known as energy centers. So your body and mind can resonate on these different notes of the "bodily scale", yet none of the higher notes exist without the lower ones. This means you can not "play" the second note until you have played the first one...

The same is true with planet Earth. It has these several bodies as well. We people as inhabitants of the planet are currently at the same level (or scale) - the physical level, or third level as it is often called. But as several contemporary spiritual thinkers say (and which I perfectly believe), we are about to move on to the fourth level and after that rather quickly into the fifth.

Now it's time to see how all this relates to our crop circle:

The "staircase" has four steps, and the circle in the end is actually the "passage" into the fifth step, not visible yet. It is easy to imagine that the large circle represents the Earth and each step of the staircase represents it's levels or "overtones" (marked by the bold numbers from 1 to 5). As you see, the 3rd step is punctuated by the small circle - pointing our current level on the 3rd, physical level.

When we evolve from one level to another (or move along the scale from one octave to another), each time a specific chakra is more important than the other. To move from the 3rd level to the fourth we need to work on our 4th chakra, which is the heart energy center. This is why a lot of the work being done is associated with the heart chakra; learning about love, harmony, respect - getting rid of emotional dependencies, jealousy, anger...

The "scheme" presented by this diagram shows how we are supposed to move from the 3rd level into the 4th but even towards the 5th. The point located on the passage from the 4th to the 5th level is even surrounded with an additional ring, as to make us pay special attention to that point.

The smaller numbers indicate how each step is longer than the previous one; the first step is 4 units, the next one is 5, then 6. But the fourth step is as long as the third, what does this mean? Perhaps this is to indicate that the passage from the fourth to the fifth level must be hastened? BUt if we count in the last turn, we do get the 7 units expected. Maybe at the end of the 4th level there's some special twist to be expected?

Accelerating time and the Mayan Calendar

A very interesting detail in this designs is that if you project the corners of the staircase (marked with black dots) onto the horizontal line defined by the underlying geometrical structure, the distances between the projected points are even, all the way from level 0 (the center of the large circle) to level 4...

...but not beyod that! You see, if you were to continue the staircase, to keep it coherent with the previous steps you would have to go on along the circular borders (see how all the steps curve along the borders defined by the white circles). Projected to the horizontal line, the 5th corner would no longer match the rhythm (a much shorter distance from 4 to 5). And the 6th corner would reverse the horizontal beat!

Considering the whole system is built over two sets of circles (the way you can see from the diagram), this is an ingenious way of including a steady and an accelerating pulse of movement in only one pattern! This fits the concept of the Mayan Calendar, which tells us the true "creation time" is in fact accelerating compared to the regular astronomical cycles we synchronize our clocks with! Furthermore, it tells that by 2012 (or 2011) we encounter a climax in this development; no more acceleration is possible. Let us play with the idea that the horizontal line indeed represents our linear concept of time...

An additional observation we can make now is that as the passage moves from the 4th to the 5th level, it takes us across the horizontal line; from below it to above it! This fits with the chakra development, because in the 7 chakras system, the 4th chakra is the one in the middle and it is actually the portal between the lower "earthly" chakras and the upper "heavenly" chakras! When you move the focus of your being through the 4th chakra, the heart, you also move your energy from an earthly plane to a more cosmic or heavenly plane. Also, in the middle of the 4th step, we pass one of the two major centre points of the who design (the second being the centre of the "Earth").

Until this point, the movement along the horizontal axis was always going steadily forward (from right to left, when observed this way). But now this forward movement halts, and for a split second there is only vertical movement. And then the horizontal movement reverses, but just very slightly, because soon there is the leap towards the fitfth level. And this is exactly where our attention is taken to; the final circle with the ring around it. It points out the place (in time) where there is no going forward anymore, at least not with the old system. So according to this particular diagram, at this point (possibly 2012?) something really turns upside down!

In the last diagram you can see that the first four steps just barely fit within the "Earth", after which the staircase "breaks through" the Earth's boundaries. Perhaps this is to signify that moving further from the 4th level takes us out of the Earthly dimension...

So, to put the message briefly: ”You are at the third frequency level of existence, and you are about to move through the fourth level into the fifth. This will also take you through a major boundary, which involves a great change of the planet. Dont' expect things to flow in a linear fashion, because time is accelerating; when you're clock beats seems to stay steady, in fact more and more things happen during each consequtive beat!” I can't say if this is the message the Circle makers intented to pass on, but if I was supposed to receive and understand it then, like the famous singer, I did it my way.

A final note: The ideas of the Mayan calendar presented in this article are mostly based on the work of Carl Johan Calleman. According to his view, the end of the calendar hits us already in October 2011. More information at www.calleman.com and www.mayancalendarcode.com.

Veli Martin, 2007