Experiences and observations of the Crop Circle in
Found 26 July, 2006

This was a very special crop circle for me, as it seemed to arrive out of my own request, quite next to the house where I was spending the night when it arrived. It also displayed several characteristics that I associate with a non-manmade crop circle, and in this respect it was a true gem among the many mechanical-looking artworks of this season. Here's the full story, divided in four sections:

Experiences on the spot
Geometry analysis



I arrived in London Stansted airport together with a group of four women from Finland late monday night, 24 July. The next morning we took a coach from London Victoria station to Swindon, and a bus from there to Avebury where we arrived in the afternoon. The idea was to spend just one night there, at a bed&breakfast place I'd booked in advance, then continue towards Glastonbury the next day. We wished to see some crop circles, though I knew there wasn't many around. Luckily a new formation had appeared at Windmill hill after I'd checked the internet for the last time.

Avebury stones

Before we headed that way, we paid a visit to the medieval church of Avebury, my favourite place in the village. The energy of the church and its surroundings somehow washed away all the stress and tension I'd experienced during the past weeks and as we left the beautiful little semetary on the church yard, I experienced a welcome feeling of relief, accompanied with a hunch of excitement and anticipation. This was more meaningful than it sounds, since I'd been afraid that I couldn't relax during the whole journey, mostly due to bad financial problems I had. I mentioned this to my friends and added that I have this magical feeling I've not really experienced in England since 2000 (my previous visit to the country was in 2003, before that I had been there each summer since 1997).

The St James Church in Avebury, outside and inside

We walked through Avebury Trusloe and found the crop circle rather easily, though it was just barely visible from a limited area close to Avebury and then reappeared in sight only when we were right next to it, almost on top of the hill. This was a rather nice formation, with a complex geometry and a nice flow of the stalks. However, it appeared somehow mechanical and I didn't have any special sensations about it. It certainly didn't measure up to my feeling of anticipation. There was a group of young boys playing around in the crop circle and after looking around for a while we asked them to join us for a little meditation.

A pole shot of the Windmill Hill crop circle

In the meditation we attempted to connect to the energies of the crop circle and ask for any kind of visions or insights about its meaning and origin, or anything else that might be helpful. During the meditation I got a strong sense of the crop circle being created with lots of force applied to the plants, with almost violent twists causing the numerous swirl centres with stalks pointing up. I was inclined to think this had been done by people, but I'm not sure about that.

The sun was setting and it was getting dark. The ladies took off and started walking towards our B&B in East Kennett, but I stayed a bit longer, chatting with the guys. Finally we all left, I walked alone down the hill towards Avebury. Now the "magical feeling" was even stronger and I expressed a humble thankfulness in my thoughts, addressing it to any intelligence around, whether natural, divine or anything else. I felt very open and filled with expectation and I sent out a request that if anything was "out there" for me to receive, any kind of experience or vision or dream, I would receive it with gratitude.

The next night I slept in a tent close to the Olf Forge B&B (there was no room for all of us to stay inside). Sometime very early in the morning I half woke up with a feeling of "night terror", as I call it. It was like a nightmare, but I had my eyes open and realized my surroundings. I had the distinct feeling that there was "something" outside, close to the tent, something that was out of the ordinary, something threatening. I tried to wake up fully, fighting against a "pull" that was taking me into a deep trance instead of waking up. I didn't manage to wake up, but I have no recollection of what happened next - whether I fell normally asleep or whether I went to a trance (to the reader this might sound odd; what's the difference in the night between falling asleep and going into a trance - I'll leave it that way).

When we left the house around 11 am the next day (the landlord kindly offered to drive us to Avebury), I spotted people going into a new crop circle right across the road as we came to East Kennett turning along the Marlborough road. This was just about half a kilometer away from our place! And I was absolutely certain this formation was not there yesterday. We continued the drive to Avebury village, but I decided to return here later. Perhaps this was the very response to the requests and magical feelings of the previous day!