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The Geometry of
The Eastfield Dolphins, 2002
found Aug 14, 2002

Here's just a basic study of the Eastfield "Dolphins" formation, which was found just one day before the Crabwood "alien" (and, incidentally, exactly one year after the "Chibolton face"). I've located the underlying circles as precisely as I possibly could, as shown in the following diagrams:

Above you see the circles positioned over the aerial photo. I've reconstructed the camera angle and zoom in a 3D modelling software to match with the photo. I've found no particularly interesting ratios in the circles (though I haven't spent very much time to study those), but what you should observe is that every single circle is centered exactly on a tramline.

Curiously the central rings are positioned over another tramline than the large circles defining the "dolphins". The centers are located over the perimeters of other circles (the small red circles defining the "fins" seem to be slightly "mislocated" in this sense, yet also they are exactly on the tramlines).

Here we see the same setup as a graphic diagram. You can see more clearly that the pattern is not symmetrical - even if this is mostly because the central circles are slighly above the overall center. Initially I thought this might be a false perception based on a remarkable slope in the field, but the tramlines give no indication of such.

And finally a plain diagram of the actual formation.

Veli Martin, Oct 30, 2002