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Aug 12, 2003 - CONDUIT CLOSED??

The final chapter to Crabwood chronicles...

Did the Montauk time wave terminate?

Aug 12 went. There was no sequel to the Chilbolton and Crabwood alien face series. Did anything happen?

The last crop formation in England this season appeared in North Down, close to Avebury on 10th August. This was nothing like Crabwood, a "molecule" type design with three arms of overlapping circles. I visited the rectangle design in South Field, which was one of the season's last formations. Though this one was impressive both seen from the air and on the ground, I have received information about its makers, and I find this information rather reliable. Seemingly it was closely related to the somewhat similar, though less impressive and obviously unfinished rectangle design on East Field.

An attempted pole shot of the South Field formation, Aug 2003

What about the Montauk time wave? If the Chilbolton and Crabwood codes were indeed warning about the 2003 node point, there was no necessity in that sense to make another formation AFTER the Aug 12 date. What I expected was some sort of affirmation of some significant event that perhaps was supposed to happen. And how do we know whether the time portal was opened / activated / terminated or not? Could it be that the huge power failure in USA on 14th Aug followed by major failures also in London and Helsinki, Finland (and possibly other cities, not widely known) was somehow connected to this? After all, Aug 14 was at least the anniversary of the Chilbolton face and code!

Why Aug 14 instead of 12? Perhaps the cycle of the time wave is not exactly 20 years but a little more, so that the node point is now at Aug 14. Perhaps the power failure was a delayed effect of the experiment: They may have managed to power up the experiment with their own energy supplies, but maybe something went wrong and they had to get extra energy afterwards after they'd run short of power. Indeed, the Philadelphia and Montauk experiment dealt with huge amounts of electricity being used to create ultimately strong magnetic fields. That would explain why "they" could have needed to take extra power from the national power network.

And then again, the power failures were perhaps just an accident. Or they might be related to the sunspot activity. How can we ever know? When will we know if something really happened on Aug 12 - or Aug 14 for that matter? Did we know about the Montauk experiment before Bielek, Nichols and others came out with their stories? One thing is sure, the Earth is still on its orbit with no catastrophic disasters caused by the possible opening of the dimensional portal.

Did the E.T's go away?

What is interesting is a number of elements in this story point to a possible conclusion that a force of some kind, perhaps a league of entities, has escaped Earth.

A slightly more succesful pole shot of the Adam's Grave "Swallows"

1. The last sentence of the Crabwood code said: "CONDUIT CLOSING". Does this imply that some sort of a dimensional portal was about to close last year and perhaps WAS closed Aug 12 this year (or close to that date)?

2. The Montauk time wave was supposed to terminate Aug 12. Any alien beings that depended on this time wave to enter OR EXIT our dimension should have left if they were going to use the portal before it closed for good.

3. The channeled information from the Andromedan council said: "All E.T's must be out by Aug 12, 2003". This fits with the above information.

4. There haven't been any crop circles in Europe after Aug 12. There were still available fields in England after that date, despite the early harvesting because of the unusual August heat wave. Whether the appearing of crop circles has indeed dramatically dropped or not, we won't know until the beginning of next season, April and May of 2004.

5. The Mayan elders say the period from 2003 to 2012 is a time when we have to sort our things out without the assistance from higher beings.

How does this connect with the apparent increase of solar bursts recently? What about the stories widely circulating in the net about an approaching celestial object from the direction of the sun (Nibiru, Planet X, what ever)? Somehow I feel all these things are connected. It sure seems something big is going on, as was expected.

Chilbolton and Crabwood - man-made formations after all?

As things have proceeded, I have become more and more confident with the importance of my dream about the Crabwood alien face formation. The situation has not changed after talking with Colin Andrews, Busty Taylor and Lucy Pringle about the possible evidence of the formation being man-made. I'm sure Colin was telling the truth about plans to make a major "alien" formation to promote the Hollywood movie "Signs". I'm as confident in Lucy's story about the farmer's experience: The formation was created over TWO nights instead of one (apparently the first half appeared on Aug 14, exactly one year after the Chilbolton face).

Talking about Colin Andrews, I think the croppies' discontent with his statements about 80 % of UK crop circles (in 2000) being man-made is unjustified. I do believe this statement was made under some pressure or at least there was support from some parties to steer his findings into this direction, but from my own perspective I do believe he has been mostly honest about his findings. Certainly it is unjustified to claim that he has denied the existence of a genuine phenomenon or that he is disputing the paranormal activity around the crop circles. When I interviewed him and Busty last August, I understood he hasn't at all turned his back on his research and experiences in the 80's, when he inspired many people to get interested in the mystical features of the crop circle phenomenon.

Looking at both the Chilbolton and Crabwood crop circles, I think we must separate content from mechanism. I know many people would tend to dismiss any message a crop circle might have, if it turns out to be made by people. Yet we can't exclude the possibility that the people who made a certain formation, wanted to give out a truthful, important message. On the other hand, I haven't encountered any conclusive evidence of the Crabwood face being a fake. The fact that it was made over two nights, really proves nothing. In any case, synchronicity works in mysterious ways - even a hoaxed formation might turn out to carry an unintended, meaningful message.

The new sun

As for my dream, it could well be the information in it did not depend on the formation at all. For example, the dream might have been "sent" to me, so that I would get the full authentic message that was distorted or even absent in the crop circle. The parts of the dream that had to do with the visual appearance of the design and the structure of the coded disk were surely referring to the actual formation on the field. But the reference to Mayans and the "new sun" were only present in the dream.

Following this line of thought, what does the "new sun" mean? Is it just referring to the unusual sunspot activity, possibly causing the unusual heat waves around the world as well as the frequent appearance of Aurora Borealis? Could it refer to a "reborn" sun, which is the future result of the changes taking place now? Or should we understand it as an entirely separate object, a second sun? The theme of a new sun certainly is not just coming out of this dream of mine. It is a repeating motive in many prophecies and visions, not least in the Mayan prophecy of moving into the age of the 5th sun.

It is also connected to a bizarre phenomenon known as 11:11 - frequent sightings of double eleven (or 111 and perhaps 11.22, 22.22 etc.), capturing people's attention all over the world. I'm quite convinced of the reality of this phenomenon, because I'm one of the people experiencing it. 11:11 is connected to the sun, because the cycle of the sun's magnetic fields is two times 11 years. Yet there are other explanations and meanings to the 11:11 experiences. For me it is typical that my attention is somehow drawn to license plates with the numbers 111, 222, 333 etc. - much more often than the statistic likelihood would suggest.

There are several scientists that are now looking into the possibility that the global warming is a result of solar changes instead of the greenhouse effect triggered by the activities of people. Should we be concerned more or less if this indeed turns out to be the case? I think we should not let ourselves get too concerned, because I feel in either case the future development is in the "hands" of people's conscious processes.

Conduit opening...

The change that is now taking place, is not "just" global - it is affecting our entire solar system and probably beyond. The activities of mankind are related to our conscious evolution, which is again related to the energetic changes in a cosmic scale. I believe (as do many others) that a great cosmic shift is unfolding, a shift where everything is connected - but the leading role in this play belongs to consciousness. The changes in consciousness can even be responsible for the changes in the sun, at least when we consider there is an universal consciousness at play, of which the consciousness of mankind is only one part. The sun itself is conscious, not to mention our planet Earth.

I don't think anyone should be afraid of the changes. What we should do, is to adapt to them and be confident that we'll be guided to the right place at the right time. Certainly the great plan is not intended to lead into a global holocaust, but into the dawning of a new era of peace, love and wisdom. With these thoughts in mind, I choose to turn away from the gloomy atmosphere of the Montauk experiments and alike. If a new "conduit" is opening (or an old one closing), it must be confronted with positive expectation, leaving behind all unnecessary fears.

November 8-9 this year has been chosen as the moment of "Harmonic Concordance". According to the information I have received about this worldwide spiritual occasion, it is related to the Merkaba energy fields (see and the nature of time, among other things. This will be a good point to express and enhance our positive collective intentions, regardless of the possible astrological relevance of the date.


Veli Martin, Oct 3, 2003