related to extraordinary phenomena



A civilization that can travel in space must be light years ahead of ours.

This is something that is said far too often and with too little consideration. The fact that a civilization masters space travelling doesn't mean they are extremely advanced in other areas too. It is possible that another intelligent species has had more reasons (for example more curiosity or simply more freedom) to develope space travelling. Or it might even be that they got the technology from another, more advanced species!

Some other beings could say that a civilization that is still stuck to their own planet must be very primitive. It's a matter of values; how much effort is put into the exploration of each territory. It is also possible that another species is naturally connected to universal forces we don't even know. Travelling from a star to another can be very simple; we just don't know how to do it!

Any alien creatures must come from outer space.

Again an assumption that is based on our knowledge. When saying this we are not only assuming that there is only one space, but also that all other creatures must live in same kind of conditions as we.

There might be aliens living under-ground in Mars - or even Earth! There may have been other intelligent species on Earth before man, that have fled to bases in moon and Mars. Or the remains of them may have bases on the mountains, under the seas etc.

Then there can be parallel universes, that normally can't be seen by us. Everything we see, hear and feel is based on vibration and waves of energy. Energy that is vibrating on totally different frequencies, or even totally different kind of energies are possible. Creatures inhabiting these parallel universes might have learned a way to adjust their frequencies to travel into ours.

Or it's possible that time is not linear and some creatures or even human beings from our past or future are time-travelling. According to our logic travelling back and fourth in time seems to cause paradoxes (altering your past alters the future where you came from). But our logic in this sense may be very limited. For example, there can be many alternative pasts and futures.

Something that can't be explained must be of extra-terrestrial origin.

When we observe something that we can't explain, it doesn't mean that it comes from another world. We must admit that we don't understand everything about our world yet. This must be kept in mind even if there's something that is apparently of intelligent origin, but we don't know how people could have done it. Some people might know what others don't... And again, even a non-human intelligence doesn't have to be E.T.

"It appeared next to a highway and nobody saw anything - so it can't be man-made"

First, we never can say "nobody saw anything"; only "we don't know anyone who saw something". If something happens in an area that is visible from a road, for example, for an eye-witness to become known it requires that:

1. A person passing the spot must be looking at the right direction.
2. This person must aknowledge what (s)he sees and memorize it.
3. (S)he will have to motivated to inform someone about it.
4. The information must go to someone who has a reason to make it public (for example, in many cases unusual sightings are reported to the police; neither the witness nor the police might be willing to publish this information!)

Second, IF something was created without ANYBODY seeing the makers, it only means nobody saw them - not that there was nothing to see. Of course in some cases it might be very unlikely that nobody would see anything.

Third, even if this thing was created without any visible tools, it still doesn't exclude people as the creators; people master many invisible forces.