Chilbolton & Crabwood
Count-down to a joint human-alien time travelling experiment culminating Aug 12, 2003

Aug 12, 2000 Chilbolton fractal
Aug 12, 2001 Chilbolton face & code
Aug 12, 2002 Crabwood face & code
Aug 12, 2003 ???

Aug 12, 1943 Philadelphia experiment
Aug 12, 1963 A potential moment of disaster caused by Philadelphia and Montauk
Aug 12, 1983 Montauk project
Aug 12, 2003 Termination of the Montauk time wave

This article is continuation to "Chilbolton and Crabwood - WHEN do they come from", written a day earlier. To get the full message, I recommend you read both articles, in your preferred order. If you have time, I suggest you begin with "WHEN", which is very much based on inspiration and intuition. This sequel builds on the same material, but on a more reasonable and logical basis, also in a more condensed format. Furthermore I suggest you at least browse through all the other pages in my Crabwood article series. Also I recommend you read Paul Vigay's article about the Chilbolton 2001 formation. And if you get hungry, follow the other links.

Today, March 21, 2003, I am pretty convinced I really am onto something here - which I was not certain of yesterday. I am almost sure that there exists a meaningful link between the Chilbolton / Crabwood crop formations and the time travel experiments known as "Philadelphia experiment" (1943) and "Project Montauk" (1983). But it doesn't stop here. This reasoning might offer a possibility to put together several pieces of a giant puzzle concerning mankind's origin and destination...

Based on the material I've examined so far, a top-secret group of military personnel, top scientists and various E.T. beings has been involved in a long-term scientific (and to some extent occult) project dealing with time travelling and mind control. Apparently originated by the "grey" aliens" - also referred to as Martians - a "time wave" has been activated, generating nodepoints in time (Earth time) every 20 years on a specific date, Aug 12.

The next node point (after 1983) is obviously Aug 12, 2003 - less than five months away from this moment. It seems that at least one function of the Chilbolton - Crabwood crop formations in 2000-2002, is to act as a "count-down" for this moment. The Chilbolton fractal formation was found Aug 13, 2000 - quite possible created on the previous day. The two formations on the same field next year were found Aug 20 and at least in Paul Vigay's crop circle database the face part is estimated to have been created Aug 14 (could it be Aug 12?). The Crabwood alien formation was found Aug 15, again possibly created Aug 12.

It is not that relevant whether any of these formations were actually created on Aug 12, because in any case they were apparently within one week off this date. I haven't even started to check which other crop circles within one week range of Aug 12 in the past few years may be involved in this scheme. It is clear, however, that the first half of August has throughout many years in the 90's produced some of the most staggering UK crop formations.

In any case, it is especially the Chilbolton 2001 formation that suggests a possibility of its creators coming from another time. Additionally, it makes a clear reference to the previous year fractal formation (being described as the creators' communication method in the code part) and is apparently related to the Crabwood formation last year.

There is no reason to conclude that this series of annual communication would stop here. The English message in the Crabwood code says "There is still time". This could suggest (or at least give a possibility) that another message might be transmitted in the crops when there “no longer is time” (or “the time has come”). It also says "conduit closing" in the end. Perhaps this "conduit" is related to a time wave, having a "subnode" point around Aug 12 each year? This conduit would be open only for a brief moment after which it closes and no further messages could be transmitted this way until the next node point.

What does Al Bielek, a person heavily involved in the Montauk Project, have to say about 2003? Here is an excerpt from the book "Montauk Project - experiments in time" (from

"It [the time wave] will stabilize itself by the year 2003 unless they reopen it. Then you have another can of worms to deal with.

They just don't realize what risks they are running in reopening that thing. The rift was stabilized in '63, or this North American continent would now be under salt water. Not from the year 2000, but it would have been in 1963...

It was due to the fact that they had this time rift, and because it was unstable in the way it was generated (like a standing wave in an RF transmission line). You may not understand RF theory, but you get a reverse wave in an unterminated or improperly terminated line. Time is a wave as well. You can have a forward time wave and you can have a reverse time wave. If the two of equal amplitude hit each other at a node point, which is the earth synchronization point, like August 12th, 1963, they can be extremely disruptive, physically, to the physical structure of the earth."

Now, to my understanding, Aug 12, 2003, is the next similar node point or Earth synchronization point. It would be very irresponsible from us not consider the possibility that the Philadelphia-Montauk time wave is real and has severe implications for 2003. According to Bielek, Project Montauk was terminated and the associated buildings sealed soon after August 1983. However, he has later concluded that the project has been reopened.

It is not just the timing of Chilbolton and Crabwood that suggest a connection. The crop formations point to the direction of the "Greys" (Chilbolton) and the "Reptilians" (Crabwood). I tend to associate the greys to "Martians" (this is certainly not just my idea) and the reptiles to Annunaki or Dracos, which are found in the Sumerian recordings studied for example by Zecharia Sitchin and Laurence Gardner.

Now both alien groups are said to have been involved in the Philadelphia and Montauk experiments (not just by Bielek) among some additional alien sources. It is becoming very plausible to me that especially these two groups are heavily tied in the history and future of human civilization and may not be so alien to us in the big picture as we may be inclined to think. The thread beginning from this line of thinking may lead us all the way back to the dinosaurs and beyond.

Another intriguing aspect of the Montauk story is that there are implications to a widely known occultist, Aleister Crowley. It is suggested by Bielek and his collages that Crowley was involved in interdimensional travelling experiments, not so much by means of technology, but possibly with the aid of the energy stored in the British megalith sites - which could offer another connection to crop circles.

What is perhaps MOST interesting at this point in time is the fact that our current Western civilization was apparently (if any of the Sitchin / Gardner material is correct -see previous page) launched in Mesopotamia 6000 years ago by a reptile species known as the Annunaki, with the creation of the Sumerian culture. Why is it interesting just now? Because Uruk, the ancient capital of the Sumerian culture, is located in the modern Iraq - the hotspot of all political attention today.

Are the U.S. leaders aware of something extremely important left behind by the Annunaki in modern Iraq? Could this be one of the motivations behind their attack? Are they also aware of the Aug 2003 time wave node point - is this why they are in such a hurry to establish control over the Iraq territory?

I must confess that the Montauk material really seems off this world. The same could be said from all the ideas I am presenting here. If any of this is true, it is certainly too much off this world to be released to the public by any high-ranking politician, investigating reporter willing to keep his job or a scientist with an academic position. This would in part explain why the masses are totally unaware of this kind of motives behind the worldwide politics and military actions. I am not providing this as an evidence for these theories, but trying to express how these things could remain a secret if they were true.

Robert Morningsky (see previous page) says the Annunaki did not just create human beings but also a reptile species as their slaves . This group eventually turned out to be rebellious and finally affected the Annunaki's decision to leave Earth. Bielek also suggests that "the Greys are helping to prepare the way for the Orions, who have basically enslaved their race" - the Orions apparently referring to the Annunaki.

What if the greys and human beings are not two separate species created and enslaved by the Annunaki but actually one and the same - only split in two by some disastrous experiments in time travelling? I don't know, this may be too far-fetched, yet I have a feeling there is something to it. I am waiting for readers' comments on this.

Bielek also claims that all time travelling and remote viewing experiments have failed to see the future byeond 2011-2013. Joshua Shapiro, inspired by Bielek's lecture, says:

"My explanation for Mr. Bielak statement about 2011-2013 is that if we are using a physical device to travel (whether it be via traveling a distance in the current time or traveling in time) that in order to be able to reach your destination, that place or time must be in a vibrational harmony with the place you are leaving. In other words, the laws of physics, the vibration of matter, must be in alignment. Therefore, I conclude that in 2011-2013, the earth will shift its vibrational motion and move into a new dimension which makes this time not in sync with our own."

This of course brings us to the Mayan calendar and 2012. 2003 may be the last point of a series of time wave node points before 2012. If indeed we are about to shift into a new vibrational dimension, we may also escape the influence of this time wave. Hence 2003 would actually be the last chapter in this time wave story altogether (at least for those who make it through the transition)!

Are the Greys and the Orions (the Annunaki) joined together, informing mankind though crop formations about the Aug 2003 point? Is it a warning? Is it an invitation? Should we embrace the opportunity? Should we be afraid? Questions, questions, questions...

One thing is sure: I will keep my eyes open for the next crop circle season.

Veli Martin, spring equinox, 2003


I didn't manage to put these articles online during the weekend. Now that a couple of days has passed, I feel there's still something to add.

The Annunaki/Grey/Montauk material seems off this world, as I said. While this doesn't mean it's unreal, it is certainly off the world of harmony and light. There are many dark and sinister aspects to this story. Yet these aspects have a certain dark appeal to the human curiosity. I am advicing myself and others not to get caugth in the heavy energies of these issues.

It is not at all necessary for all people to be concerned about this material. It is certainly better to just let go of it than to get caugth in fear because of it. When it comes to the potential threat of something disturbing taking place on Aug 12 this year, I'd rather advice people to consider the positive possibilites than to worry too much. The Montauk project, if it indeed is alive and kicking, should be exposed to the public and I hope the people involved in it seriously consider their responsibilites towards themselves and their planet.

Hopefully some light will be shed during this spring and early summer on the role of Iraq / Uruk. Taking all public attention to military activities and the possibility of hidden weapons in the country can be effectively used to cover up what ever is going on behind the curtains. In this situation it is very difficult for any independent and unbiased research group to do investigations in the Middle-East area. This may be the case even after the war, if the U.S forces are left in Iraq to "maintain security". But these "forces" are also made of people. Even they can't forever escape the waves of global awareness.

The humanity as a whole has selected peace over war, truth over lie. This is clear. Let us stay focused on the positive truth and stay out of all the dirt thrown over us by some misguided elite organizations in an attempt to put us "back to sleep". And let's not throw the dirt back at their faces but let it be blown away by the "Winds of Peace". These winds are taking us towards the long-awaited bright future ahead of us. We just need to keep surfing - and smile on the way!

Veli Martin, March 24, 2003