Chilbolton & Crabwood
do they come from?

The material about the Crabwood Alien Crop Circle has brought clearly more feedback to me than any other article I've presented at my site before. This is not surprising really, considering the implications of this amazing formation (especially when put together with the Chilbolton design in 2001). I am very grateful for readers' comments which have been positive and encouraging without exception.

This new "episode" to my Crabwood "chronicles" is inspired by this feedback. I wish to express my ideas about reoccurring questions among the readers:

1. Could the Chilbolton / Crabwood formations originate from the future (or even the past)?
2. What is the possible connection to the "Grey aliens" (or the Zeta Reticulans, as they are also known) and the so-called Annunaki from the planet Nibiru?
3. Is there any further information about the Mayan connection?

For starters, I recommend everybody interested in the time travelling aspect of this case to read Paul Vigay's interesting ideas at his Crop Circle Research site: his article he points out several details in the Chilbolton code that suggest the message could come from future of mankind. This theory immediately triggered a reaction in me - it appeared somehow logical in all its "wildness".

As I'm writing this, on March 19, 2003, the Fifth reunion of the Native American elders is just beginning. I was hoping to participate this extremely important (in my opinion) event personally, but was not able to arrange it. However, I am eager to pick up briefings of the discussions from the conference as soon as they are available through the net.

Also at this very moment the USA-Iraq conflict is about to burst into flames. Additionally, the first conference of Psychic Children (see for more information) is taking place in Hawaii. And on the personal level, today it is exactly seven months since I had my powerful dream concerning the Crabwood formation - again the number 19 is repeated. I feel a meaningful interconnection between these seemingly unrelated events.

What is the nature of the interconnection? As originally suggested by the two Crop Circle cases and my powerful dreams in the summer of 2002, at least personally I anticipate a global revelation concerning the origin of mankind. Yet this revelation is certainly not just about our pre-history! As we learn about our intimate connection with extra-terrestrial and -dimensional beings throughout the history of our species, we are prepared for the ultimate reunion, which is about NOW.

Even if the union with other intelligent species must be considered as a staggering turning point for mankind, I see even more weight in the reunion of Man with his true Self. In this process of unlearning the false concepts of true human nature as a cosmic being, it will be relevant to dissociate ourselves from the human-alien separation. What we're about to meet is only initially "alien" - eventually humanity will be understood as a shared origin and consciousness of several different species, scattered around our galaxy and beyond!

Let's return to the origin of the Chilbolton & Crabwood crop formations, not asking WHERE they come from but WHEN they come from. Basically, we have three options: the present (the most obvious), the past and the future. Yet I would like to play with the idea that it actually none of these options particularly - or it is all of them at the same time (or more at the same THOUGHT).

Confused? If not, keep reading... You will be!

TIME must be considered as the greatest "unknown" in the equation of our existence. We are stuck in a linear concept of time, since our thought is based on the chronological order of cause and effect, before and after. Hence all theoretical attempts to describe a non-linear time fail to fit in our heads - at least in our normal daytime consciousness. Yet practically all great philosophers and spiritual authorities advice us to focus on NOW, liberating ourselves from the past and the future. It is living in the moment, experiencing a timelessness that is the key to extraordinary lucid moments. Such moments allow you to feel that everything is connected - not in time or space, but in a timeless and spaceless CONSCIOUSNESS.

The young psychic boy in the film MATRIX says about bending the spoon "Don't try to bend the spoon, it is impossible. Instead bend your mind and the spoon bends with it". The same can perhaps be applied to time: "Don't try to bend time (travel in time), it's impossible. Instead bend your mind and time bends with it".

Although this kind of "trickery" seems incomprehensive to most of us at this stage of our personal and collective evolution, it may not be so for more advanced - or DIFFERENTLY advanced - beings. (Indeed, there may even exist beings who never were stuck in the linear "cause and effect time" in the first place, yet may be less advanced than us in general!)

The Mayans were the "keepers of time" and at least if compared with their contemporary worldwide civilizations, masters of measuring time. If you are not aware of the accuracy of the various Mayan calendars, with their exact measurements of planetary and stellar cycles, you only need to do a web search on "Mayan Calendar". You are bound to bump into some impressive figures! What's more, the figures are not based on intuition or guess-work but exact scientific analyze of the preserved Mayan engravings.

What is the starting point for the Mayan "obsession" with measuring time and planetary alignments? The Mayan tradition says the information originates from "above", or from the stars. One interpretation of the Mayan tradition explains their wisdom came from star people, E.T. beings who - as in many other indigenous legends - are expected to return "when the humanity is ready". A majority of these predictions are pointing to the beginning of the 3rd millennium in our Gregorian calendar (regardless of the original calendars used by the indigenous cultures).

Is the Feathered Serpent also known as Kukulcan (the greatest divinity of the Mayans) a metaphor for some celestial object or event, an E.T. being or something completely different? There are many interpretations, none can be proven right or wrong. However, there are other ancient cultures (such as the Mesopotanian culture of Sumer) that more clearly refer to beings from the sky - apparently meaning off the Earth.

Stepping away from generalizations, my personal belief is that definitely there has been E.T. (or "stellar human") influence on the early civilizations and very likely also the Mayan culture. The subject of "ancient astronauts" has become a source of popularistic speculation, where imagination often takes control over facts. This doesn't mean the whole idea is based on imagination. Perhaps one reason why many people are so fascinated by the possibility of E.T. impact in our culture, is that the anticipation for their return has been imprinted in our collective psyche. In other words, we bear a memory of our collective history in our sub-consciousness, which triggers a curiosity towards speculations supporting the reality of this suppressed anticipation.

The two major alien "archetypes" circulating in the modern folklore are the "Greys" ( or Zeta Reticulans or simply "Zetas") and the Reptilians / Reptoids (Draconians / Dracos / Serpents). Apparently this division is simplified and a lot of confusion seems to exist which beings (mythical or real) belong to one group or the other. Sometimes it seems that the Greys are also reptoids. On the other hand, the reptoids are often described having the same characteristics as the Greys; a short being with a skinny figure and a large "bulged" head (there are also descriptions of truly crocodile or dinosaur looking aliens).

My own belief is - and again this is oversimplified - that the reptiles are more associated with our PAST while the Greys belong more to our FUTURE, yet both being aspects of ourselves (at this stage, you might find it easier to take this as a metaphorical statement). If both the Reptilians and the Greys (if we still stick to the concept of two major alien groups) are able to live in a non-linear time, they can't be specifically located in the past, present or the future. The perspective I'm offering is really more tied to the human perspective of things. Let me put it this way: The reptiles have more greatly influenced the origin and history of the human species and culture, while the Greys are more apt to be associated with the future human being.

Bob Frissell, In "Nothing in this book is true, but it's exactly how things are" claims (the source being mainly Drunvalo Melchizedec) that the Greys are actually Martians from the PAST: The Martians destroyed life on their home planet aeons ago and through means of time travelling came to Earth in the time of Atlantis. According to Frissell, it was they who really are to blame for the destruction of Atlantis (otherwise it would have been built on the highly advanced spiritual heritage of the recently submerged continent Lemuria).

But as I said, it is only us humans that must look on all this through the experience of linear time. Even if Frissell's got it right (and I'm not the first person to discredit him on this!), is Mars our past or our future? Are the Martians a totally isolated species from Earthlings or could it be that we are the same - only split in two by the waves of time? Could it be that seen from higher perspective, the past and future are just duality aspects of our being similar to left and right, man and woman, logic and intuition?

"OBJECTION! This is pure speculation and there is absolutely no factual basis for these wild imaginary ideas!" Was that the logic part of me (or you) speaking? I would ask the judge to credit me with some allowance here. "Okay, you are allowed to continue, but I expect this to make some sense soon"...

The following idea is something I never thought of suggesting when I started to write this article. I hope the inspiration I feel is taking me to the right direction.

The Chilbolton message seems to describe the "aliens" as originating from our own solar system, not only from Earth but also Mars and Jupiter (or more likely Jupiter's moons since Jupiter is described as four dots around the center - the center itself not marked). Since Mars and Jupiter's moons are the most apparent celestial bodies within our system to bear physical life, they are the most obvious choices for expanding the human territory in the near future. This seems to support the wild idea that the Chilbolton message is a description of our future.

Also the appearance of the being (supposedly describing the senders of the message) could be that of a future human: The body has become very thin, kind of "deteriorated" (due to the weaker gravity on Mars and Jupiters moons, also the decreased need for physical work because of automation?), while the head has maintained its size or even expanded (maybe as a result of genetic engineering to allow better "compatibility" with computers, possibly with the inclusion of metal implants inside the skull?). Apparently this would not be the result of SPIRITUAL but TECHNOLOGICAL evolution taken to the extreme!

What if this is, in a way, both our past AND our future? Perhaps it was the Dracos from ORION and the "canis" from SIRIUS that really were the starting point of the human race, as presented in Robert Morningsky's excellent "Terra Papers" (recommended reading to anyone interested in these issues). But somewhere in time, in our FUTURE, the technologically advanced human beings developed (or will develop) means to travel in time, and inhabit BOTH Mars and Earth, BOTH in our past and our future! Perhaps WE - in an alternative future - manage to spoil things on both planets and then go back in an attempt to fix it all. Unfortunately this future aspect of Man may have lost its creative "sense and sensibility" due to genetic deterioration, thus incapable of solving his fundamental problems. This in turn would explain the genetic hybridization experiments done by the Greys / Martians (in this context, the Martians must be considered a different species from the Zeta Reticulans): They are trying to restore their lost abilities.

If we take a look at the most technologically oriented minds of today and suppose the human evolution will be lead by them, it may not be too far-fetched to see an alternative future, where mankind has lost its connection to the SPIRIT (including emotions and compassion), while only pursuing happiness via means of technology. (And if all this is tied to the destiny of Mars, I wouldn't dismiss the idea that it is VENUS which is tied to the spiritual aspect of humanity - this, however, is a completely different story)

Returning to Chilbolton... The face part of the formation doesn't seem to fit the description of a Grey, nor a future human. Instead it does seem to describe a PAST HUMAN. Could this be a hint that we should look both to the past and future of Man?

In my own intuition (very much aided by the material I've read, I must confess) I've assimilated the Morningsky Dracos intensively with a group of beings generally known as the Annunaki or Nephilim. Though most people know the Annunaki term primarily from the books of Zecharia Sitchin, there are several other studies that support the influence of such a group in our history, most recently in the time of the Sumerian culture, some 6000 years ago.

While reading the condensed version of Robert Morningsky's Terra Papers, I felt strongly that here is a key to put together many isolated fragments of information concerning the origin of mankind - both on the physical and spiritual level. His information allegedly comes from an alien captured alive from a UFO crasch in 1947 (not Roswell though). To my understanding he suggests that Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunaki, was a joint "project" of the Sirian and Draconian empires. Because of some major cataclysmic celestial events, the planet was cast from its original location in space eventually to end up in our solar system.

It was a result of further celestial disasters (through a great span of time in the scale of human experience) that the current structure of our solar system came into being - Nibiru being left on a vast elliptical orbit returning into the vicinity of Earth only every 3600 years (though there are various opinions on the true length of the Nibiruan year). According to Sitchin, it was this chain reaction of planetary collisions that actually lead to the birth of planet Earth, as a result of the splitting into two of a large planet called "Tiamat". The other half exploded into small fragments, which eventually became the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The Annunaki themselves, I feel, are more related to the Orion / Draco side than the Sirian side. Also the information from Drunvalo Melchizedek supports this since he describes the Annunaki and the Sirian as our historical mother and father, respectively (quite in alignment with Morningsky, even if Drunvalo doesn't speculate on the origin of Nibiru). Whether Earth was actually born from a planetary collision or already existed in our system when Nibiru entered it, apparently the Annunaki saw it fit for their "ambitions". Sitchin has concluded that Man was created as a slave for the Annunaki (by mixing Annunaki and Terrestrial primate genes) to mine gold. They needed this to construct an artificial shield made of gold particles to prevent heat from escaping the surface of their planet. Possibly it was also to protect from cosmic radiation.

I feel this explanation for the primary motivation to create mankind is incomplete, even if we add Drunvalo's notion that the spiritual (truthfully more relevant) aspect of Man has much deeper roots and higher function. Some deeper meaning to the gold mining purpose of mankind may be found from the studies of Laurence Gardner (and other academics alike). In his revolutionary Grail series Gardner paints a picture of human civilization as originated by the Annunaki and still dominated by the blood heritage of the Annunaki "gods". Supported by historical evidence, Gardner sees gold as a major tool for expanding human consciousness to the level of the Annunaki- after it has first been processed through complex methods into a magical white powder. Apparently these methods have been studied - and most likely also discovered and concealed - by the alchemistic science ever since the Annunaki left the Earth.

According to Gardner, the Jewish tribes were the closest kin to the Annunaki (who really were the "sons of god" who bred with "daughters of man") and ever since the Sumerian mother culture gave birth both to the later Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures, the history of western Man has been dominated by the offspring of Abraham's family through generations (including Jesus) - following the biblical tales more accurately than is usually done by scholars (yet Gardner is far from loyal to the modern Christian interpretation of the Scriptures). At least Simon Peter Fuller builds his view of western cultural and political history on a similar basis.

If we are to believe Gardner, the Annunaki blood - or the DRACONIAN blood - is still present among the most powerful elite of today's political world. The highest rank of this elite is still in the possession of the alchemistic secrets, which allow them to expand their consciousness and tap into the higher levels of reality, unknown to most of mankind. This brings us to the highly controversial statements made by the investigating reporter David Icke. He claims that a significant number of the current leaders of worldwide politics are actually reptiles disguised as men.

This, initially, comes to most people as a preposterous statement. But if we consider that human being was originally created by combining reptile (the Annunaki) and mammal (the primate) genes, and a certain group of original humans had more Annunaki blood than the others, it is a bit less difficult to swallow that through systematic genetic preservation a more-than-average Annunaki-human has survived to these days. This "genetic preservation", keeping the royal blood as pure as possible, has apparently been conducted at least by the Egyptian pharaos and the British (and other European) monarchs, but probably also by the members of such notorious sects as the freemasons.

The Annunaki are prophesized to return very soon - either with Nibiru or without (although many are convinced that Nibiru is soon about to become visible to Earth again, some say it has exploded and others estimate it will return only after a few hundred years). Recent channeled messages have suggested that these Annunaki, however, are not the OLD Annunaki. Supposedly they have evolved spiritually and despite of originally creating mankind to act as slaves for them, they are now willing to aid us with our quantum leap of evolution. I would like to stress that there is lots and lots of expectation information for the return of "our ancestors in the stars" among practically all the indigenous cultures around the world AND the modern students of esotheric information.

As for the "sudden" enlightment of the Annunaki, I am still waiting for further information. However, it was the book from Carl-Johan Calleman called "The Mayan Calendar - solving the greatest mystery of our time", that gave a possible solution to a problem I've seen in the Annunaki hypothesis (which is funny, because Calleman actually dismisses the whole Annunaki stuff): How is it possible that a civilization technically advanced as the Annunaki could be morally so inadvanced that they would create a living being only to slave for them, instead of building robots or something similar? On the other hand, how could a civilization that has allegedly existed for BILLIONS of years, still be using rocket technology as their main transport and slaves to dig gold?

The possible (and perhaps even reasonable) answer may be found in the Mayan concept of time (at least according to some modern interpretations, Calleman included), which is fractal or spiral in nature. According to this hypothesis, evolution progresses in an accelerating rate, as compared to our conventional means of measuring time based on steady planetary cycles (the Gregorian Calendar we use today is based on the movements of Earth and Moon). Evolution is here regarded essentially as the evolution of CONSCIOUSNESS, instead of intellect or technology.

Calleman assumes this nature of time and evolution does not apply only on Earth or our solar system, but the entire galaxy or even the entire universe we know. Of course it is only reasonable to conclude that our solar system shares the same space-time qualities of the rest of the physical universe. Hence this evolutionary system would apply also to the Annunaki or any other civilization sharing this space-time (but not civilizations existing on higher levels of reality, or other universes). This does not exclude the possibility for back and forth variation in technological advancement nor possible quantum leaps in evolution through passages from one space-time to another. Hence it is possible that mankind has already "visited" higher vibrational levels, for example during the Lemurian culture, but "fallen" back to this plane (for whatever reason).

(A sidenote: Following this line of thought, we may never find any true physical evidence to support the existence of Lemuria, because it may have existed on the higher-vibrational level of Earth. This may exist also today, parallel to the 3rd dimensional Earth more familiar to us. Of course this may appear as an all-too-easy explanation in the eyes of skeptics (and duly so), since any of the metaphysical information about Lemuria (and other ancient cultures) is ignored by them.)

However, mankind at its current state and probably also the Annunaki are more or less (varying from one individual to the other) tied to the qualities of this 3rd dimensional physical reality and its fractal oriented time (and indeed fractal oriented everything). If it is true that the culmination point for this fractal spiral in time is 2012 (or 2011 as Calleman has concluded), then we are now evolving at top speed compared to the speed of 4000 BC, "we" meaning the Earthlings as well as other physical beings in this space-time. This would explain why the Annunaki evolved so slowly (and lived so long, like Sitchin and Gardner conclude) in the times past but are now rivaling us in the speed of spiritual evolution. Yet, as I suggested in the beginning, in the big picture we may all be the same!

As for the pre-pre-pre-historical Orion and Sirian empires of Morningsky - were they (and are they) also bound by this time cycle? Were they spiritually at an infant level in those times? I don't believe quite that. I think they either were bound by a different space-time cycle (or vibration, what ever you call it) and set the conditions for the birth of Mankind as some kind of a 3rd dimensional experiment of consciousness... All this really goes beyond this article…

(Another sidenote: Our spiritual evolution is in my opinion aided by the sacred geometry based crop circles (as I have explained in my FCCI introductory section). I am pretty convinced that a majority of these designs (as clearly separated from the Chilbolton / Crabwood formations) indeed originate from higher planes of existence, and from a different time-space scenario. They carry the Sirian / Venusian / Pleiadian energy, which is the subtle intuitive energy of super-physical levels)

Now we must finally return to Crabwood. I am pretty convinced that the Crabwood alien is a reptile being. This is strongly supported by my dream in which it appeared as a serpent - even if some may wish to exclude dreams as a source of valid information. Additionally, according to the message in the binary code, the reptile species comes from "out there" and seems to portray itself as benevolent towards us.

The disc enclosing the binary code could also been seen as a reference to a planet (Nibiru?), while the three dots behind the alien figure might suggest the belt of Orion (the origin of the Annunaki?). The "new sun" in my dream and in many prophecies could also refer to the returning Nibiru, reflecting the sunlight as it gets closer to us.

If we consider the possibility that the Chilbolton message was tied to our future (the Greys) and the Crabwood message to our past (the Annunaki), are we to expect a continuation next season, perhaps bringing a clear connection to the PRESENT and shedding more light to the relation between the Greys, Annunaki and human. What ever we may encounter during this year ( in addition to a few minor conflicts between war oriented nations) I believe TIME will be one if not THE key issue.

The Crabwood message says there is still time. Does it mean soon there won't be? Does it mean we are literally running out of time - or perhaps more accurately evolving out of time? Out of THIS time or out of time in general? Shall we find out after 2012 that there is actually no "after" and "before" and join other civilizations that have reached this level long bef... long BEYOND us?

Or do we have a choice on this? Do some of us choose matter instead of spirit and hence miss the portal which is opening up? Will those people inherit a dying 3rd dimensional Earth (out of their own choice), being forced to escape to Mars and the moons of Jupiter, still pursuing their happiness via technology?

We are approaching a tremendously important moment in history, an opportunity to rise above a time trap, where humanity destroys its cultural achievements over and over again.

OR - all this is just a science fiction fairy tale. Well, at least it was written with lots of inspiration, where ever it came from!

Good bye for now. I'll be back!

Martian Keitel, 20-03-2003

P.S. There were several moments while writing this article, that I felt an electric sensation in my back. I’ve learned to associate this with the presence of an outside force, possibly trying to give a message that I'm onto something.