Observations from the
Alien & Code formation, Crabwood

The "dream numbers" (18 and 19) & the Mayan connection

A word of warning: If you get head-ache from numbers and mathematics, you might wish to skip this page....

Before going to the number stuff, a funny synchronicity: The code part looks like a cross-section of a tree, revealing the year rings (pardon my English, that's probably not the correct word) of the wood. These rings must be read counter-clockwise, or backwards. There is an animal that walks backwards... so we get:



As you probably know by now, my assurance of the genuinity of this formation is initially based on the premonitive dream I had. It is not a proof, neither to myself nor especially to others. We may have premonitive dreams about very trivial matters, or about matters that take our attention (regardless of their actual significance!). However, this dream was much more than just a premonition. It contained several bits of information that are relevant in understanding the message. For example, in my dream it was said that the message comes from space, despite the fact that I did not see it that way originally (as I didn't connect the dream with this Crop Circle in the beginning).

In 1999 I had a dream experience, even more powerful than this one. That dream turned out to reveal many interesting things about my own E.T. contacts. In this dream, the key concepts were number coded, in other words the numerical values of these key elements were all either 1 or 11. Since there was about 15 of these words, I could hardly see this a a coincicence! Furthermore, that time I had just become interested in numerology, so who- or whatever made me have that dream, knew I would look at the dream through numbers.

The Crabwood alien Dream date in Mayan astrology

I had the dream on 19th August, 2002. According to the guide I had at hand (by Swedish Carl-Johan Calleman), the Mayan sign for this date is Night (Akbal), with the galactic tone 10. In the description of this sign it says "a dreamer, who brings a new sun to light the way in life's path" - which perfectly fits my dream. Additionally, in the Aztek version of the Calendar, number 10 refers to the God of Darkness, again suggesting night time.

Since on this date I had a dream, in which I got a message about a new sun from the Mayans, one can hardly see all this as meaningless coincidence! Surely there must be a true connection to the Mayans or at least the Mayan Calendar!

What is the "new sun"? According to my current understanding, it mostly refers to a second sun on the fourth plane - or the fifth world as it would be described by the American natives. In other words, on the fourth plane our planet already belongs to a double star system. As we go through the planetary ascension, we will be able to see the second sun ourselves.

I am also inclined to see a connection from the Crabwood formation to the mythical planet Nibiru (the "twelth planet" known from Sitchin's book). According to some sources, this planet is due soon to return into our vicinity. In the Sumerian legends it is said that the Annunaki (the "Nibiruans") created Homo Sapiens as gold miners, because Nibiru needed a shield made of gold dust over its atmosphere in order to create an artificial green house effect. A planet covered with gold should be highly reflective, perhaps appearing like a second sun when it comes close enough...

Numbers in the dream

Now in my dream related to the Crabwood formation, there were again some key elements, all of which have not yet been understood. The serpent in the dream gave me a red box filled with red plates. These were somehow a key to understand the code. Furthermore, it was said the message comes from the Mayans, or at least has something to do with the Mayans.

If we take the number values of these words (using the common system, where A=1, B=2... J=10=1+0=1, K=11=1+1=2, L=12=2+1=3 etc.) we get the following results:

RED = 9+5+4 = 18
PLATE = 7+3+1+2+5 = 18
CODE = 3+6+4+5 = 18
MAYAN = 4+1+7+1+5 = 18


My first association with the red box was to an alarm clock. This is probably because for a long time I used to have a red alarm clock, and I currently have an alarm clock that closes into a box, similar in size and shape as the box in the dream. Anyway, in dreams we should look at things the other way round: I was supposed to think about an alarm clock - or rather what kind of emotions are associated to an alarm clock - and a suitable visual image from my subconscious appeared.

Whatever the reason for the association is, anyway that is the idea that came into my mind IN the dream - and that is somehow relevant! Though BOX is not 18 as a number (it is 14), there is another word that fits the pattern:

ALARM = 1+3+1+9+4 = 18

The red colour was very bright and it must have some specific meaning. Red is a colour of danger, but also a colour of Earth and the colour of the root chakra (which again is the Earth chakra). Furthermore, R is the 18th letter in the English alphabet (and Finnish, we only have three additional letters in the end).

Numerologically 18 is reduced into 9 (1+8). However, number 18 to me is a very important number, a "magic number" I would say! Hence I prefer to leave it in its two-digit form (and even if I didn't, I would still have the reoccurrence of 9 instead of 18).

The numbers in dates and their connection to the code

The date when the Crabwood formation was found:

15.08.2002 = 1+5+8+2+2 = 18

CRABWOOD = 3+9+1+2+5+6+6+4 = 36 (36=2 x 18, or 3x6=18)

Apparently long words can not produce the sum of 18 (apart from 99, which reduces into 18), so 36 is pretty close (and in any case, it produces 9, like 18)!

The date when I had the dream was four days after the formation was found, so apparently the number is 22 (18+4). However, just the date without the year:

19.08. = 1+9+8= 18

The date has another relevance, which also seems unlikely to be just a coincidence:

19 x 8 = 152, which is the total number of characters in the Crabwood code. The characters are defined with 9 bits (including the separator or "stop bit"). So the total number of bits in the code:

9 x 152 = 1368 - and 1+3+6+8= 18

There is also another way how 19 x 8 is relevant. In the message there are 38 different letters (and the special characters space, &, period and \). 19 different capital letters and 19 lowercase letters are used. The ASCII codes for each letter is 8 bits. So 19 x 8 bits for capitals, 19 x 8 for lowercase!

Incidentally, 1368 is divisable with both 18 and 19:

1368 = 18 x 76
1368 = 19 x 72
1368 = 18 x 19 x 4

Split to its smallest components (prime numbers):

1368 = 8 x 9 x 19 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 19
2+2+2+3+3+1+9 = 22

18! = 18+17+16...+2+1 = 171
1368 = 171 x 8 = 18! x 8

In any case, both 18 and 19 seem to be somehow relevant!

Just as a sidenote, I would like to point out the connection between 18 and 666 (I know some people are interested):

6+6+6 = 18
18 x 37 = (6+6+6) x 37 = 666
36! = (2x18)! = 36+35+34...+2+1 = 666

37 is an important number in Qabalistic gematria. Multiplied with the multiples of 3 (3,6,9,12 etc.), it produces the numbers 111, 222... 999 (3 x 37 = 111, 6 x 37 = 222 etc.)

37 x 37 = 1369, which includes all the so-called "perfect numbers" in Gematria. As we can see 1369 is VERY close to the sum of bits in the code! In other words

1368 = 37 x 37 -1

What's the point?

Okay, all this just makes your confused, or what? These numbers seem to have a relevance, but what is it? Since the number 18 is mostly connected to my dream, is it just a method to underline the significance of this formation to myself personally (that function it certainly fills)?

And what is the meaning of 18 to myself personally? It's a long story, but it has to do with my personal connection to a specific group of beings - though their identity is not totally clear to me yet. But at this point, I'm inclined to think it is a group of reptile beings (not based on the reptile face in the Crabwood formation, but earlier conclusions). Furthermore, I'm learning that certain reptile beings are closely connected to the history and origin of mankind.

Now, my attention is taken towards the Mayan culture... who are the star people that according to their legends gave birth to their sivilization? Both 18 and 9 (1+8) are important numbers in the Mayan calendar. Geoff Strand pointed out a possible link to the "Aztec Pizza" formation in 2001 (see his article at Swirled News). According to his studies, 18 was an important element in it. I have to do some reading on the Mayan stuff and get back later...

There is some more number stuff to look at. We just observed that the total number of bits in the Crabwood code is 1368. What other numbers can be found in the actual code. Continue...