Observations from the
Alien & Code formation, Crabwood
found Aug 15, 2002

The Dream

Why I BELIEVE it is for real after all

I just realised something and i had to add it here immediately. On 19th of August I had a dream that had a strong impact on me. I have now confirmed that I got the information about the Crabwood alien formation on the Aug 19 afternoon, that is AFTER having the dream in the same morning. Following is the part of the dream that is relevant here, as written down Aug 19 - before knowing about the formation (I wrote it in English, because I have some foreign friends with whom I wanted to share the dream). I've added comments in brackets:


The new place is a school room. Tapani Koivula (a well-known Finnish Ufo researcher) is presenting a huge book. It is about 50 times 70 cm, a few cm thick. He says this book has been received from space. It is written in an unknown language, but it has been partially decoded. It tells about future changes, for example about our new sun.

(This big book seems to point to the alien face, in the dream the big book was covered with horizontal lines - I thought it was writing, maybe not. The resolution of the alien face image is about 45 x 60 pixels, not far from 50 x 70 cm. If it is real, it comes from space. Unknown language, decoding - what can you say?!)

All this makes me a bit nervous. In reality I have been lately a bit upset, because I've been given lots of new information to process, through my dreams and also real life experiences. And I don't seem to cope with all that, being rather alone with all that stuff in the place where I live. I feel I can't handle even this much, not to mention more of it.

A woman starts to talk. She says she has to say something about the Mayans. She suddenly turns into a huge snake (or she dissappears and the snake appears). The snake has black and yellow stripes like a wasp. It looks threatening and I get scared a little.

(Think about a striped snake curling up into a spiral: The yellow stripes are the bits of flattened crop (0), the black stripes the erected crop (1). What about Mayans? The Feathered Serpent? The return of the Mayan ancestors, who supposedly came from space? The Mayan Calendar - 2012? Snake, threatening, reptile - the evil alien? It all seems to fit!)

The snake speaks with a low male voice. It speaks directly to me. It says I have an important task to take care of, but I don't have to do it alone. It comes closer and I want to escape, but I control my fear. It swirls around me as a spiral and I feel a strong loving energy radiate from its body as it flows around me. It doesn't actually touch me, which is strange.

(The serpent spirals around me, as to advice me to look at the code. The message is filled with love, though the serpent is threatening. The code in the crop circle gives a loving message, thought the alien looks frightening. The serpent doesn't touch me, because it is not a serpent but a symbol. Important task: To decode and take further the message, but not alone !)

It then gives me a token. It's a square shaped red plastic box, filled with red plates. Each plate has some text written on it. The snakes says they are instructions. I should take one plate at a time, when it is necessary, when I need help. Then it goes back to the center of the room where it lefts and turns back into the woman.

(I don't yet understand the red colour (perhaps it's the colour of the alien). But the box of plates with words written on them: The snake gives me words as separate plates; the code gives me separate words made of "boxes". The words should be looket at one at a time, to get the whole message. When the snake has said what it wanted, it goes away (had I made the connection from the dream to the formation immediately, I would have have benefitted from these instructions).)

She's not aware of what just happened. But she says we need to listen to the Mayans (this might also refer to a certain being, whose name is similar to "Maya"). It is very important.

(We must listen to the beings who gave this message!) ....

The dream continues, and I think the beginning and end of the dream are also relevant. In the dream I am with a group of people and I feel connected to these people. We are discussing how children are prepared for the spiritual change in the world, but the governments don't support it. There is something else as well, I have to think about it.

Anyway, it is quite apparent to me now that this dream was about this crop circle. Since I've had strong communication recently in my dreams (from my higher self, but perhaps also from other beings) and I tend to take my dreams seriously (since they guide me in my life), I now have to change my opinion about the authenticity of this formation.

The word that was unclear, I think it was so for a purpose. So that many people would work on it, spend time with it. Perhaps many people were even contacted in their dreams? This is the most important word: BELIEVE! This is the word we need to do most work with; BELIEVE. The fact that this word was found almost simultaneously by several people, is perhaps no coincidence either.

I believe the message and I like it! If the aliens who give it, really look like they do in the picture, it doesn't matter - as long as they really give the right message and live up to it! In any case, there are loads of beings OUT THERE giving us the message of LOVE and PEACE. And I urge you not to fall for the concept that there are ONLY aliens like this, there are many others (and nature spirits, spirit guides etc.), and some of them don't have physical appearances at all (like I believe is the case with the creators of most genuine crop circles). But they all speak with the voice of this single message. No matter what the source, this message is true and it touches whole mankind:


Veli Martin, Aug 23,2002

P.S. I logged in to upload this page at 11.11. I logged out at 11.29 (29 numerologically is also 11; 2+9). 11 is the number of communication with higher levels...