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Observations from the
Alien & Code formation, Crabwood
found Aug 15, 2002

The Face

Contrast enhanced version of aerial photo

There's a lot of attention to this individual formation currently, no wonder. It is impressive, visually more impressive than its precessor, the Chibolton humanoid & code double formation a year ago. What you see in the picture is clearly a photographic halftone rendering of an evil reptile looking alien. Additionally there is a binary code as a spiral located inside a disk.

What ever is the origin of this one, it is clearly very "humanly" executed in terms of the graphic style (leave alone the actual ground work at the moment). It is a photo of an alien similar to some seen in science fiction films. It is a binary code (used in human computers), displaying an ASCII code (ASCII being a set of 8-bit definitions for letters, numbers and other characters). It is apparently made either BY or FOR human beings (or both).

Below you see the image blurred into a rough gray-scale version..

...and rendered in Adobe Photoshop BACK into a line halftone - from the grayscale (left image). Compare to the original (right).

Though the match is not perfect, you can see how a grayscale poster of an alien can be rendered into a line halftone (by people, of course by aliens as well). There are 60 rows of lines in the crop formation. Transferring this image into a field is not a piece of cake, of course. But using modern computer technology (again, whether human or alien, don't get me wrong) it is most certainly possible - as we can see on the field!

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