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Crop circle at Sutton Hall 24th July 2014
Jupiter alignments pointing towards the Golden Era?

In short what this crop circle seems to be telling:

The two large flattened circles point out the oppositon of Jupiter on 5th Jan 2014 and the conjunction of Jupiter on 24th June 2014 (the date when the crop circle was formed) . The three small dots point out the alignment of Mars, Moon and Earth with the Sun on 15th April, exactly half way between the Jupiter alignments mentioned (the T-marker suggesting to look at the middle point).

It is quite apparent that the centre of the design portraits the Sun and the orbits of Mercury and Venus - this is how the orbit of Mercury is off-centered. The three small dots then refer to the objects Earth, Moon and Mars and the three large rings are the orbits of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Both large circles refer to Jupiter. Only half of Jupiter's orbit is shown, I think there's a specific reason for this.

This formation appeared on the exact date of an Earth-Jupiter conjunction. The orientation of Mercury's orbit points out that Jupiter on this date is the circle on the right side of the small dots (looking towards the sun). I believe the half orbit of Jupiter suggests us to take a look at the previous opposition of Jupiter, which was exactly 5th Jan this year (incidentally exactly 200 days before June 24th). Couple of days earlier the planets Jupiter, Earth, Venus and Mercury were all pretty much aligned with the Sun. Observe that of all the planets up to Jupiter only Mars was not included in the alignment.

Now the T-shaped marker seems to point into the middle point between the conjunction and opposition of Jupiter.The exact midpoint is 15th April and on that date there was a lunar eclipse. Also, Mars was almost in opposition with Earth - the exact date of this was 9th April.

I would also like to remind that the extremely important crop circle in Santena, Italy, in 2012 showed a picture of Mercury on the right side of Cancer, where the Sun and Jupiter were on the date of this crop circle in Sutton Hall.

The reason why I was so interested in this particular formation was that 26th April was the date when Moon joined the company of Sun and Jupiter on the right side of the Cancer constellation This pattern, according to the Vedic scriptures, marks the birth of the Golden Era. If we look at the orbits chart, we notice that not only Jupiter and Earth were in conjunction but also Mars and Venus and even Mercury included in that alignment!

What should we conclude from this? Was this 200 days period some kinf of countdown towards the birth of the Golden Age, or the Age of Aquarius?

Out of curiosity I also had to check how the system works forwards in time. The next opposition of Jupiter is on 6th Feb 2015, half way to that from 24th July 2014 bings us to 30th Oct 2014. Very close to that date we find two interesting celestial alignments.



On 30th - 31st Oct Earth, Venus, Jupiter and Mars form a perfect cross around the Sun - Happy Halloween! On 24th Oct we have the next solar eclipse which occurs at the same time with a Venus conjunction. Neither of these patterns really match with the crop circle, so it seems to work better towards the previous Jupiter opposition.








However, here we have both a lunar and a solar eclipse very symmetrically before and after this Jupiter conjunction, half way towards the previous and next opposition:

Jup.opp.5/1/2014 - 100 d - lun.ecl.15/4 - 100 d - Jup.conj.24/7 - 92 d - sol.ecl.24/10 - 105 d - Jup.opp.6/2/2015

The symmetry becomes more meaningful when we observe the Mars opposition and the Venus conjunction with the eclipses.

Veli Martin 2014