Text and photos Veli Martin

This year again numerous Crop Circles have decorated the crop fields of Wiltshire and Hampshire. As the novelty for 1996 were fractal shapes constructed of several circles, last year appeared the triangle based fractal geometries with three- or six-folded symmetry, this year's novelties have included seven-sided snowflakes and five-pedalled stars (one of which was seen last year, though). Also nine has been a repeating number this season. In the late summer the Circles also invaded Finland.

Finland's most experienced Crop Circle researcher Veli Martin. Photo Marko Kananen. (description by the editor)

One Crop Circle experience

(See "The Magnificent Seven").

UFOs, dark helicopters, strange lights, disturbances in cameras

Associated with stories about Crop Circles you often hear about small rapidly moving light balls, generally believed to be plasma balls. There are even photos of these. There are also stories about large glowing lights above the fields before the formations appear. These can be electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena, such as aurora borealis, but they can also be etherical ships from which the energy barriers defining the geometries of the Crop Circles are beamed down, and the crop-flattening plasma balls are controlled.

This summer unlit and unmarked helicopters have been seen to follow these plasma balls. In early July one incident like this was videotaped. In addition, a huge cylinder-shaped ship flying high on the night sky was also captured on the same tape. There was an international film team making a documentary about this case. My discussions with the film producer led me to think that he has a both open-minded and rationally critical approach to these extraordinary things.

Together with the German researchers there was a Swiss photographer. He told he couldn't take pictures of the small circles in the Tawsmead Copse snowflake formation with his automatic camera; it just refused to shoot. He described how he had to step back to make it work. When I visited the formation for the second time together with a young couple, their camera also refused to work. I didn't have this kind of problems with my camera, but in the pictures taken inside Crop Circles there have many times occurred a vertical red stripe. This usually means that some sunlight has leaked into the film through some hole. But why haven't this occurred in other photos in the same film or other films? Last summer I took pictures with a different camera, yet the same thing happened both years particularly in the photos shot inside Crop Circles!


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